‘The Flash’ Needs to Bring Caitlin and Cisco Out of the Background

With The Flash Season 4 focusing on Ralph’s journey to heroism, Iris’ new role as the leader of Team Flash and Harry’s brilliant mind being their “best option” for taking on The Thinker, Caitlin and Cisco have drifted to the background.

It’s disappointing, because their characters have been irreplaceable members of Team Flash from the very beginning. Whether as Caitlin and Cisco or as their heroic alter egos (if Caitlin gets her powers back), the two could easily be incorporated into every aspect of Team Flash’s process, so there’s no excuse for not utilizing their skills and abilities to save the day.

Vibe’s Nifty Skillset

It’s strange how often Cisco has been left out of the fight against DeVoe. His unique skills have him creating nifty, useful inventions that nobody else in their right mind could think of, but all of the inventing is being left to Harry as if Cisco’s mind isn’t strong enough anymore. There’s a reason he was brought on to the STAR Labs team by Eobard Thawne, and it’s because Cisco is one of the most brilliant minds of the generation, so he should have a say in how Team Flash goes about taking down DeVoe. Cisco has an engineering brain and hacking abilities that could challenge Marlize as Team Flash attempts to stop The Thinker, and they’ve made such a big deal over his abilities in the past, so why aren’t they being utilized?

Likewise, as Vibe, Cisco could be used far more often to create more interesting (albeit filler) episodes. His ability to travel to alternate Earths should be taken advantage of, because it gives him an edge that Barry doesn’t have because he can instantaneously transport himself to another location, and his vibrational abilities are strong enough to even stop Barry in his tracks.

Caitlin’s Frosty Personality

Caitlin Snow has truly “warmed up” as part of Team Flash from the cold, hard woman she was at the beginning, and her friendships with each member of the team are only part of what makes her invaluable. She has multiple degrees and is technically a doctor (so taking care of someone when they’re seriously hurt isn’t just something for her to do.) Until recently, she even had powers that allowed her to go out as a hero, but she hardly ever did.

However, even before her powers allowed her to go into the field, Caitlin was an invaluable member to Team Flash because she could keep the heroes healthy, and she can offer an interesting perspective to any situation. Caitlin is brilliant, but her intelligence is often diminished to prop up Harry Wells, who they often refer to as the smartest mind they have, or sometimes even Barry, because they’re trying to explore his mind, though he doesn’t have the same scientific background as anyone in STAR Labs. Additionally, the twist that she’s somehow lost her powers holds no weight with how much we’re actually seeing of Caitlin. Whether or not she gets her powers back, there’s a lot to explore with Caitlin. How did Caitlin grow to like having Killer Frost around when she wasn’t evil? Did she begin to rely on those powers? It seemed like Caitlin was genuinely upset she lost her abilities, so a good turning point would be to investigate her powers and how Caitlin has changed since she received them.

With more focus on Caitlin and Cisco, we could be seeing more effective fights against villains—whether the weekly villain or over a season with the Big Bad—and their stories would be instrumental in Team Flash’s progress, like it was in the beginning. The intense focus on Ralph, especially, but also Iris and Harry, has caused Caitlin and Cisco to drift to the background as if they’re unimportant characters on the team, which could not be further from the case.


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