The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere Preview: Worth The Hype?

After our favorite trio reunites via the cutest airport scene ever, they all begin to get in the swing of their new lives. Kat’s back in America, Jane is now at Incite, and Sutton is finally having her chance to shine in the fashion world.

On The Bold Type Season 2 premiere, Jane, Sutton, and Kat are as fun, fabulous, and feminist as ever. Although their storylines are rather separate from one another, they all still find a way to help each other along the way and come together in the end.


Jane: From awkward (albeit hilarious) run-ins with Jacqueline to some unforeseen circumstances with Victoria, things are off to a rocky start for tiny Jane as she tries to navigate impressing both her old and new boss. It’s both incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking to watch Jane try to find her place at Incite. The vibe there is the polar opposite of Scarlet, and she definitely sticks out. In the promo, Victoria tells Jane she made her piece all about herself; however, the whole point in her taking this job was to have more leniency in her writing and finally just get to be “Jane Sloan,” but how can she do that if Victoria discourages making things personal and staying true to yourself? It’ll be interesting to see what she learns from this experience. For better or worse, Incite is challenging her. 

Sutton: Sutton really comes into her own this season as people in the fashion industry begin to recognize how truly talented she is. She wasn’t lying when she told Oliver that within a few months she’d be indispensable to him, although her confidence does get a little thrown after petty gossip spreads. On top of work drama, the new company policy really throws her, and she has to navigate things with Richard as well.

Can someone roll out the red carpet because Sutton should always be walking on one. She’s learned so much in such a short amount of time, and it’s so refreshing to see some of the higher-ups acknowledge it. Sutton has to deal with a ridiculous amount of bullshit in this episode. It’s a shame that slut-shaming is still a thing in 2018 or ever, but thankfully, The Bold Type handles it gloriously just as they do everything else.

Side note: We finally get to see some more Jacqueline/Sutton bonding moments, which is always a plus.

Kat: Trying to find a balance between work and romance leaves Kat with a full plate this season. With Scarlet preparing to expand the digital section of the magazine, and her and Adena still finding themselves in this new relationship, we get to see exactly how much Kat can handle. There’s one relationship conversation in general that really pushes Kat to figure out what she wants and what’s right for her. 

As seen from the synopsis, Kat addresses her race and her ingrained avoidance of labels. It was really nice and much-needed to see her and Alex connect over their blackness in a way we didn’t get to see either of them do last season. Conversations like this need to be had, especially in today’s atmosphere. Biracial representation is so important, and watching Kat struggle with her two opposing identities could really help someone watching. Hopefully they keep this going and continue to explore more about what it means to be black in today’s society. Kat is a queer woman of color, and we need to hear her voice. 


We were all a bit nervous when we found out The Bold Type was getting a new showrunner. Would it still feel like the same show? Would it live up to Season 1? Will the characters still be the same people we fell in love with? Well, let me put your worries to rest because the answer to all 3 questions is an astounding and overwhelming yes! I’ll admit there were a few moments in the beginning where the ambiance was a little off and things didn’t really feel like they flowed, but the show quickly bounced back as soon as we were introduced to their new storylines. There are a few minor changes here and there—Jane no longer working at Scarlet being the most obvious one—but the writers found a way to make it all come together. And don’t worry, what we don’t see of the trio at work anymore is made up for in coffee runs, juice bars, and apartment hangs. Our girls are as strong as before. As is the overall atmosphere of the show. 

As for other characters, Jacqueline is still a boss bitch with more grace, talent, and potential in her pinky than everyone else in New York combined. Oliver is still his confident and effervescent self; however he seems to have stepped off of his high-horse and onto a small pony. We’re definitely getting to see a different, more intimate side to Adena explored more than we did last season. 

Last Minute Notes

Kadena shippers: grab a box of tissues, a glass of wine, and start your cold showers now. ABC Family? We don’t know her.

Jane’s final words of Episode 1 are a big mood, prepare to gif them, and then please send them to me.

Just be ready to gush over and clap for Sutton the entirety of the episode(s), she deserves it. 

Cassie has some serious competition for my least favorite character. 

Get Shazam and Spotify out and ready so you can download the entire playlist as per usual.


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