The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 9 Preview: New Rules

The road trip episode we all needed.

On The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 9, “Trippin,” Sutton has to take a last-minute road trip to Harrisburg, and Jane tries to avoid her fertility planning. Meanwhile, Kat and Jacqueline prepare for the site’s relaunch. 

Seal Team Sutton

Sutton: Sutton gets news that she won’t be able to go to Paris unless she sorts out her passport problems. Unfortunately, the document she needs is back home with her mother and Sutton has exactly zero interest in seeing her. Desperate to avoid her mother, she reaches out to Richard for help and gets some upsetting news about him and his girlfriend instead. This inevitably leads to the girls taking a last-minute trip to her hometown and meeting people from her childhood, and her mom isn’t exactly how Sutton left her. She spends the majority of the trip trying to quickly get in and get out, but keeps getting pressured to stay and work things out with her. Kat and Jane just don’t understand what Sutton went through growing up, and can’t grasp why she doesn’t want to stay. 

This trip brought up a lot of things for Sutton, both good and bad. Lucky for us, we get a road trip complete with a Dua Lipa jam session, drunk dancing, and the girls arguing over who gets shotgun. Thankfully, this time it’s not Sutton’s.

Jane: Drunk Tiny Jane is back and better than ever. After a doctor’s appointment, I mean date, with Ben, Jane is overwhelmed by the novel’s worth of information he gives her and decides to try to take her mind off of things with Pinstripe. She’s really struggling with what to do about her fertility plan, and doesn’t want to spend her 20s making such hard decisions. Naturally, this leads to Jane trying to drink (and smoke) her problems away. As irresponsible as it is, it made for great road trip entertainment, and she has some realizations along the way. Towards the end of the episode, she has some interesting scenes with both of the men in her life, and Pinstripe has a couple of revelations to make.

I can see why this is Katie Steven’s favorite episode. We finally get to see a much more light-hearted side to Jane and it’s very reminiscent of when Sutton accidentally got high. Between drunk karaoke, her urgent need for chicken fingers, and all of her funny one-liners, Jane was easily the most entertaining part of the road trip. 

Kat: Kat finds herself at a crossroads this week, both at work and in her relationship. At Scarlet, she disagrees with an executive decision Jacqueline makes before the relaunch and has to decide whether to try to go around her or support her decision. Not knowing what to do, Kat confides in Adena about what’s going on at work and gets some much-needed advice about being too impulsive. Although the two of them were talking about this situation in particular, I think I speak for everyone when I say Kat is too impulsive when it comes to every aspect of her life. Thankfully, it seems like Kat might be starting to realize that it’s time to start being more strategic, but will she realize it before or after it’s too late? 

As for the rift between her and Adena, it all comes down to miscommunication. Kat is unsure if Adena is also taking advantage of their open relationship, and worries they’re drifting apart. On the road trip, she spends half the night making eyes with the bartender and the other half questioning what exactly she wants to do back in New York, which leads to an important conversation when she gets home to Adena. 

Random Thoughts I Had That Don’t Fit Anywhere Else In This Preview

Jacqueline is under fire during this episode after a negative article comes out and people begin to question if she’s right for Scarlet. Personally, this is the storyline I’m the most concerned about. The criticism seems to come out of nowhere, especially when just a couple of months ago they were talking about promoting her to the board. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes and the impact it’ll have on her going forward, if any.

I don’t know if you remember him but Alex Crawford makes an appearance before the girls leave for Harrisburg. 

The most unrealistic thing about The Bold Type is that the gays find each other so easily. The first Uber driver and bartender Kat sees after starting an open relationship just so happen to be queer? As if. In the real world, it takes three dating apps and months of conversation before you’re even able to assess if a person is straight or not.

No Context Quotes
  • “Another vag pic? It’s 10am.”
  • “Who taught you how to drive, Vin Diesel?”
  • “Last time I checked you can’t get arrested for stealing something from yourself.”


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