The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7 Preview: Guns and Roses

Things heat up as the girls tackle the gun debate and try some new things.

On The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7, “Betsy,” Jane and Sutton fight over their opposing views on guns, while Adena suggests her and Kat try something new in light of Kat’s newfound sexual curiosity. 

The Return of Jane Sloan

Jane: Jane is finally back at Scarlet, and everyone treats her like a celebrity when she walks through the infamous elevator doors. It’s about time our girl is back working for Jacqueline, I couldn’t handle anymore fashion closet scenes without all 3 of them. Unfortunately, her day gets off to a rocky start when she finds Sutton’s gun while picking out her “return to Scarlet outfit.” Understandably, Jane struggles to keep her cool and it causes serious tension between the 2 of them. After blowing off steam and questioning if Sutton is also hiding a MAGA hat somewhere, she wrestles with why her best friend kept it from her, and why she owns a gun at all. Can you guess what her pitch to Jacqueline is this week?

For once, Jane is the one with the less “conservative” view of the group, and somehow she’s still made out to be the close minded one. Throughout the episode she tries to understand where Sutton is coming from, but can’t get on board with the idea. During one of their conversations, Jane reveals something from her past that explains why she has such a strong distaste for guns, aside from just simply believing them to be unnecessary and dangerous. 

Overall, she has a hard time coming to terms with what’s happening and how to go about writing her piece. So much so that she reaches out to Pinstripe for advice. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sutton: In an attempt to bring Jane (and Kat) around to her way of thinking, Sutton tells the girls a little more about her childhood and what exactly her gun means to her. It was nice to finally get a peek into what her life was like growing up, and let me tell you her mother seems like a piece of work. Later in the episode, Sutton agrees to take them shooting in hopes it’ll offer Jane a new perspective on the issue and get her to stop making assumptions. All in all, she’s pretty defensive throughout the whole debate and doesn’t make as much of an effort to understand Jane as Jane does to understand her. Personally, I don’t agree with most of what Sutton has to say this episode, but her biggest mistake was not telling the person she lives with that there was a firearm in the house. After everything goes down, they both have a realization about why Sutton might be fighting so hard to protect her gun, and we see at the end what they both decide to do about the whole situation. 

When she’s not defending her second amendment right, she’s chasing down Brooke Langely who surprisingly still hasn’t needed a liver transplant, and gets a sweet/helpful reminder from Oliver. 

Kat: After last week’s messy make-out session with Daniella, Kat and Adena are a little strained and communicating via e-mail. That is until they set up a time to talk about everything that’s going on. They discuss what the kiss meant, Kat’s lack of queer experiences, and how Adena wants Kat to know what she likes just as much as she does. Adena then presents an idea that might help Kat explore her sexuality a little more. Because she was a little apprehensive, Kat runs the idea by Jane and Sutton before making her decision on whether or not it’s something she wants to pursue. During their fashion closet meeting, Kat asks the both of them if they’ve ever questioned their own sexuality, which I hope is examined further.

Kat has quite a few awkward scenes in this episode—some way more awkward than others—but I think they’re all necessary in order for her to explore and find herself. I know Kadena fans are still on edge from the last episode, so in order to ease your worries a bit I will say that Kat and Adena have a very mature and somewhat funny conversation in the last few minutes, where Adena may or may not say how Kat is in bed. They definitely try to make the most out of an uncomfortable situation.

As for the gun debate, they pretty much keep Kat indifferent on the subject, which is a whole other problem. 

Mistakes Were Made

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t particularly enjoy how the gun issue was handled. Props to the writers for attempting to tackle the very delicate and serious subject, but it wasn’t their finest hour. There isn’t going to be a way to please everyone, but the storyline was quite frustrating at times. Sutton acted like a completely different person, Kat sits idly by pretty much the entirety of the discussion, and Jacqueline refrained from giving an opinion at all. 

Gun rights and gun control are very tricky to discuss, and I commend the writers for attempting to tell both sides of the story rather than presenting a one-sided argument. However, it wasn’t really my cup of tea, and I hope they do a follow-up episode where they clear some things up. I have a feeling this episode is going to receive both praise and backlash for a variety of reasons.

No Context Quotes
  • “Locate your inner sexual explorer. Let that bitch out to play.”
  • Why does every lesbian have a small dog or a large cat? And what’s with the Shitzus?”
  • “You wanna get somebody wacked, Sloan?”


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One thought on “The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7 Preview: Guns and Roses

  1. Thanks for your review, I’ve started to check them out and agree with your takes. Problem I have with the Kat storyline is I think, the rush of events. Maybe it’s the popularity of Nikohl Boosheri’s character that rushed everything about this relationship, or lack of her own story which would be interesting to see; or maybe it’s the 10-episode situation that rushes stuff and leaves people with “scratching their heads syndrome.” The I Love you seemed rushed, the quick return from Peru, the jumping into a relationship, living together, all of it. Most lesbians would be concerned at a “newbie” who is Kat, and not once was this concern displayed or voiced by Adena (a miss)–like is she really ready to commit? Is she sure she likes me, women? Particularly with Kat used to being with men. This does not denigrate Adena’s love for Kat though, not saying that because she did chose to be with her. The second issue is why put them in a relationship at all, have them confess love, only to have around the corner cheating happening. This cheating didn’t even happen at the end of the season because this event could have been taken better probably if last week’s episode didn’t happen. Kat was jealous by a mere hug w/a friend and them going to a bar w/Adena to see Adena’s been around the block.Third problem, to admit thinking about other women means you may be emotionally cheating (you know, like she and Kat did while she was in Paris with Coco). While you can find someone attractive, I’m married and there are just beautiful people in the world, like hot, good-looking folks, but if your mind is on other beautiful people beyond the look, you have a problem. I can see someone and think God, she or he looks sooo good…but, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be daydreaming about the person or women. Final issue for me, is that cheating is the easiest route writers take to cause angst or rationalize sexual exploration of Bi-characters who are in a relationship. Based on them rushing and doing everything that already seemed “out of order,” the kiss would have strained them enough, but admitting you dreamt of your girl’s friend…not necessary. Hell, even mentioning “thinking about other women” wasn’t yet necessary. As it would put me in an odd place with my significant other because I would wonder and have added insecurity that I’m not who she wants to be with. Just gaping holes, albeit unintentional missteps in the name of Kat “exploring” her sexuality. She can do that and still have self-control. I mean, best thing they could have done was just figure out a way and work in Kat being single for a while; Visa expiration or something (of course bring Nikohl Boosheri back because she is freaking amazing). And Kadena deciding time apart because they need to separate. Oh, and drinking is never an excuse. Never. If they suggest an open relationship. I will be done with the show. Just will. It’s not my thing on characters I was enjoying watching. I think Sarah Watson has done excellent shows for a reason, and her non-guidance is felt, and she had more character development and that this new show runner is rushing everything to get through short short season & popularity of Kadena, and in the midst, the characters are being stifled. With that said, I love Kadena and they could totally be a spinoff. I love Sutton’s character too, but while very supportive, they didn’t call Kat out on her crap, and Sutton just spoke to a stranger about her husband cheating…so, she didn’t call out her friend cheating??–I get it, it’s a kiss, but we know Adena believes that is cheating. It was a funny scene w/them as friends and drunk Sutton & drunk Kat, but still…And Jane, she’s an acquired taste to me, but good for them both. Dr. Ben is cute but boring. I’m with the bring back Pinstripe movement. While correcting the whole “race” debacle last season, another debacle appeared in Kat’s story, it’s just off-putting for me and I think a lot of others. Sorry my post is so long, but I needed to get it out and watched it a second time and it affirmed my thinking that Kadena shouldn’t be together right now.

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