The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 3 Preview: Embrace The Flaws

It’s body positivity week at Scarlet, and the girls are having some work issues.

On The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 3, “The Scarlet Letter,” tension arises at Scarlet when Sutton is put in charge of a photoshoot, and Kat asks her to hire Adena. Meanwhile, Jane struggles to find work after being fired from Incite.

Women of Scarlet

Sutton: It should come as no surprise that Red kicks ass this episode as per usual. Between shooting down Mitzi’s slut-shaming and Oliver putting her in charge, Sutton is quickly becoming the biggest asset the fashion department has. Unfortunately, it’s not all roses; Sutton makes a decision that leads her to realize working with friends can sometimes cause problems that wouldn’t otherwise be there. I really feel for her in this episode. She’s torn between playing it safe or taking a risk with her career to help someone she cares about. It’s important to realize that whatever decision she makes, it isn’t right or wrong. 

Thankfully, Jacqueline has a sixth sense and knows when one of her girls are in need of advice.

Jane: Poor tiny Jane, navigating the world of unemployment is hard enough on its own, let alone when you have a viral video following you around. In true Type A fashion, every second of her day is pencilled in with phone calls, meetings, and excessive cleaning. It’s great that the show is tackling the subject of unemployment and trying to make it as a freelancer, because all too many of us have been there. Fortunately, in the midst of all the chaos, she has the opportunity to get to know Dr. Ben a little bit better. And as much as I enjoyed Jane and Pinstripe, Ben seems like a great guy and being with him leads her to the realization that she had it good at Scarlet. 

I don’t know if the writers have determined birthdays yet, but Jane is a Virgo and you can’t convince me otherwise. 

Adena: Adena gets a taste of what it’s like to be apart of the Scarlet world, and it’s nice to see the progression from her thinking Scarlet is a completely un-feminist magazine to wanting to work with them. On top of possibly having a chance to show people what she can do, Adena finally has the opportunity to be around Kat’s friends. The fans seem most excited for Adena and Sutton’s interactions, and it’s important we keep in mind that they’re both headstrong women in a precarious situation. It’s a tricky dynamic, but it’s also real and honest, and I think people will be able to appreciate where it leads. This is only the beginning for Kat’s friends and Adena. 

In other news, Adena’s happy place definitely seems to be Kat’s bed.

Kat: In an attempt to be the world’s most supportive girlfriend, Kat unintentionally puts Sutton in a difficult position. Unlike the other girls, her role this week is less work related and more girlfriend related. We continue to see the more mushy and devoted side to Kat as she tries to help Adena without compromising her relationship with one of her best friends. It’s an unfortunate situation all around, but it’s riddled with plenty of laughs and life lessons along the way. One of my favorite things to come out of the episode is something Adena says to Kat after the day is over because it’s such a healthy agreement to have in a relationship. 

Plus, there’s no shortage of domestic Kadena in this episode. 

Body Positivity

With each new episode, The Bold Type  continues to handle imperative topics exceedingly well, and this week was no exception. The overall message for this episode was there’s nothing better for you than self-love and self-acceptance, no matter who you are or what your body looks like. It’s incredibly heartwarming to know that people of all ages and genders have a show like this to look to when everywhere else you look you’re bombarded with ways to make yourself look less like yourself. There’s a beautiful scene towards the end that highlights the uniqueness of scars, freckles, birthmarks, and any other “imperfection” that makes people feel like they have something to hide. Jacqueline was definitely the biggest advocate for body positivity, and I’m excited to hear more from her this season. 

P.S.: Cleo is a nuisance and is quickly becoming the bane of Jacqueline’s existence.

No Context Quotes
  • “He keeps a boombox in his backpack?”
  • “I had no idea you were a full on nudist!”
  • “I think there’s soap in this glass.”


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