The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10 Preview: So Many Emotions

The girls take on fashion week and I take on a glass of wine.

On The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 10, “We’ll Always Have Paris,” Sutton and Kat both try to juggle their love lives and work for fashion week, while Jane is torn between 2 men and 2 ideas. 

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Jane: After deciding to freeze her eggs, Jane visits the fertility clinic only to find out that Safford’s insurance won’t cover her treatments or much of anything if you have a vagina. She brings the problem up with Jacqueline, but because Jacqueline is on such thin ice with the board, she says she’s unable to help. This ultimately leads her to confide in both Ben and Ryan about her situation, and they propose 2 very different ideas. Although both of their hearts are in the right place, Jane’s reaction to both of their ideas was yikes, as was mine. Unfortunately, the longer she waits to decide the less options she’s going to have; meaning she’ll have to make up her mind rather quickly. It’ll be interesting to see how her decision will unfold in Season 3.

Jane spends the first part of the episode back in New York dragging Alex into the fashion closet, juggling men, and getting intel that makes her worry Richard is going to propose. But luckily she has the best friends on the entire planet and they hatch a plan to get her to Paris. Once she’s there she realizes she doesn’t want a man to save her, so Jane did what Jane does and wrote about it. The only problem? Jacqueline now has to decide whether or not to publish an article attacking Safford. 

Sutton: Sutton is very thankful to be going to Paris and wants to prove to Oliver that she has what it takes to make it big in the fashion industry. As if she didn’t already have enough to worry about, the death of someone close to Richard causes them both to realize life is short. With the added pressure of not knowing if the man she loves is going to get engaged to someone else on top of Oliver reminding her that fashion week could make or break her career, things are definitely off to a rocky start for Sutton. To make matters worse, something happens to her notes that makes her have to present from memory. I suggest grabbing a glass of wine before turning on your TV because the whole trip is very stressful.

One of the highlights of the finale was definitely the amount of heartwarming moments we get to see between Sutton and Oliver. She finally opens up to someone about how she feels and his advice may or may not surprise you. His advice ultimately inspires her to make a decision about Richard, but will it be good or bad?

Also, I’m pretty sure Sutton is the only one to hug Oliver and get away with it.

Kat: Kat has a lot on her mind this episode as she tries to both throw the party of the year and get back to the honeymoon phase with Adena. Kat doesn’t know it yet, but the party might be Jacqueline’s last chance to impress the board. Unfortunately, RSVPs are low so Kat will have to take some risks that hopefully pay off.

I can’t reveal if they’re celebrating or taking their minds off the bad news, but after Adena gets a call from her immigration lawyer, Kat invites Adena to go to Paris hoping it’ll give them the fresh start she’s looking for, and Adena eagerly agrees. While strolling arm in arm through France, they run into an old art critic friend of Adena, who questions why she fell off the grid. This conversation worries Kat that it’s her fault her girlfriend isn’t showing her artwork anymore and sparks Kat to do something impulsive. After learning some new information, Kat confronts Adena and they have the heated conversation I think all the fans have been waiting for. They discuss a lot of things all at once, and it’s clear Adena has been bottling up some of her true emotions, but they might not be what you expect. Let’s just say the fans won’t be the only ones crying in the bathroom after the scene. Thankfully, Jane and Sutton aren’t going to let an argument get in the way of Kat having a good time, and do their best to comfort her.


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Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights: The girls dump a plate of macaroons into Jane’s purse, adorable scenes between multiple couples, the quote “it’s almost like the healthcare system in this country is totally broken,” and more witty comments from Sage, Alex, and Andrew.

Lowlights: Jacqueline potentially getting removed from the board, Alex isn’t a musical theatre fan, and all the tears and cliffhangers. 


No Context Quotes
  • “They made a hard choice for Viagra.”
  • “Grief can make you super horny.”
  • “Does that say bloody slut?”
  • “So who do you want to be your egg popsicle daddy?”





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