The Bold Type Review: The End of the Beginning (Season 1 Episode 8)

One of the strongest hours yet of this Freeform series has two girls worried they may lose their jobs, leading to uncertain futures and very bold moves at work, while the other has to deal with the fact that her job is safe, but her friends’ jobs aren’t.

The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 8, “The End of the Beginning,” puts Kat in a very compromising position with her work and with her friends, while we see Tiny Jane freak out at the possibility she may be on the chopping block at Scarlet. Just another week on The Bold Type!

Tiny Jane, Big Decision

Well, the most interesting part of Jane’s story in this episode would have to be the job offer she received from Incite at the end. What will Jane do? As we’ve seen, her only goal in life was to write for Scarlet; it was her favorite magazine growing up, and it’s where she’s always wanted to end up. Since getting her promotion, we’ve seen Jane writing (with some degree of difficulty from the magazine) about politics, love, and fashion, but Scarlet thrives best on the “sticky” (sex) pieces. Jane isn’t about that life, and she doesn’t like to write pieces like that. Is Scarlet really the best place for her?

She’s basically running the political vertical since she’s the most experienced and most read political writer at Scarlet, but she still has to adhere to what the magazine wants, which in some ways is the worst thing possible. Jane doesn’t always get to be Jane Sloan; she’s a Scarlet writer, and she writes what Scarlet is interested in. Like the recruiter at Incite said, we want to know who Jane Sloan is when she isn’t inhibited by the guidelines and rules of a magazine like Scarlet.

However, this could happen at Scarlet if Jane were to continue fighting her way to writing what she wants to. The problem is this: why would the staff keep a rebellious writer who doesn’t adhere to their specific guidelines when they can easily find a new one? Jane is expendable; there’s many writers that would be eager to take her place in the competitive market, and if Jane loses her position at Scarlet will she still be desired by other publications?

Personally, I’d love to see Jane take this position and find out who she is as a writer, and as a person, without the guidelines and expectations of Scarlet holding her back. But, this is a show that centers on these three girls working at Scarlet, so while, in reality, Jane would almost definitely take this new job, this is a fictional world and it’s unlikely any will leave Scarlet (at least for too long). Also, if anyone were to go, I wouldn’t expect it to be Jane whose always dreamed of working at Scarlet magazine.

Between Two Best Friends and a Hard Place

I really feel for Kat this week. We’ve seen the ups and downs of her position as Social Media Director in a few episodes, but this was a really tough episode for her. Imagine you’re keeping the information that your two best friends in the world may get fired from them, and you technically aren’t allowed to tell them without putting your own career in jeopardy. What would you do?

It’s nice to actually see Kat doing her job, while still figuring this thing out with Adena; in the first few episodes, that could not have been less true. There was no balance; Adena’s time took over Kat’s work time, and it was all about the relationship and not about Kat’s work whatsoever. Now there’s actually focus on Kat as the Social Media Director, and we can finally figure out how the hell Kat was promoted to that job at the age of 23.

Any way, what would you do? Would you go against your boss and tell your best friends? Or would you listen to your boss and keep it from them? I don’t think there’s a right answer; either way, someone would’ve been angry with Kat. There was no way she could win. However, I don’t believe lying to her friends was okay. They straight up asked her if she knew anything, and then they caught her in the lie about the focus group. At that point, I think Kat should’ve been straight up with them and told them what she knew. Especially since the rumors were already going around. It wasn’t a fair position for Jane to put Kat into, but she did. That’s how life works.

It’s also quite insensitive to her friends that Kat was taking her job security so lightly. She contemplated what she would do if she was laid off, but that was never an option. It kind of shows how privileged Kat is too; she has the money to just leave and not work for a while. She got the job at Scarlet because of her father, which is basically how every clichéd white boy gets a high-powered position at such a young age. I will give her credit since it’s not like she made these comments to Jane and Sutton, but still. It just shows how much her job means to her, while Jane and Sutton are holding on to their jobs like someone holds on to their phone by a toilet. In the eight episodes, Kat has never taken her job as seriously as Jane and Sutton do.

It’s no secret I’m not a big fan of Kat and Adena together (mostly because Kat’s time was all but devoted to Adena in the first few episodes), but it was nice to see the direction they’re headed and the balance that’s been found (for now) between this tryst and her work. It was nice to see Kat being able to confide in Adena and release some of the pressure she was under since she couldn’t talk to her best friends about what was going on.

Not Your #2

First of all, Cassie is an ass and I hope the door hit her on her way out of Steinem. She better have gotten fired after that stunt she pulled at the shoot and with Jacqueline. Sutton kicked ass at the shoot and showed exactly what she’s made of, while Cassie showed what she’s made of, too: a fake call, anxiety, and abandoning the set when she got too overwhelmed. Cassie’s a real winner.

It’s nice to see Sutton do so well at this job. It’s what she wants, it’s her dream, and she’s slaying it. No one else could’ve run that shoot with the outcome she got, and the reaction from Jacqueline was endearing also. From the promo, it looked like Sutton was going to get canned, but it was quite the opposite. Jacqueline’s first scene with Sutton was Jacqueline supporting her, exactly like it was with Kat and Jane. Thank goodness they didn’t ruin that by having Jacqueline’s first one-on-one with Sutton being about her doing something wrong (like, not just not speaking up, but messing up the shoot, etc.).

When her back was to the wall and her job in jeopardy, Sutton showed exactly how tough she is and how far she’s willing to go to get her dream. Also, it was smart not to have Sutton freaking out as much as Jane about losing her job; we already went through that with Sutton when she was first debating whether to take the job as Oliver’s assistant, so we really didn’t need to see much of it again.

As for her romantic relationship, Sutton’s sad voicemail to Richard left me wondering where she could go from here. She can’t really pick up with him again; they tried it, it didn’t work, and nothing has changed to where they could be successful if they started again. They both miss each other, but sometimes break ups are for the best, and hopefully this is one of those times. Many are rooting for Sutton and Alex to get together, but I’m not. Sutton needs time to find herself, especially since she has a new job, and she needs to focus on work now. She just got out of a serious relationship, and if Sutton and Alex were ever to work he can’t be her rebound.


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