The Bold Type Review: Three Girls in a Tub (Season 1 Episode 7)

Sutton is riding high after an interesting networking event with fellow fashion assistants, while Kat must embrace the bad of being someone’s boss. (Also, shouldn’t she have experienced this at least once before since she’s been the Social Media Director for two years?)

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 7, “Three Girls in a Tub,” we’re given just that… twice… but not in the way anyone would expect, and not the same tub both times either. After an interesting night, Sutton must lay down horizontally on a cold, hard surface, which leads her to the bathroom. Can we all be Sutton Brady?

Between a Man and a Hard Place

Shower sex is rough, isn’t it, Jane? The episode starts off with a rather rocky engagement between Jane and Pinstripe, where an accidental “I love you” is shouted out during awkward moaning as Jane and Pinstripe researched shower sex for his next article. When will these two admit their feelings for one another? Yes, they technically decided to stop seeing each other, but for how long? And both clearly had more to say after their ending encounter.

Jane wants love; she’s a young woman in New York City and writing for a women’s magazine, of course she wants love. It’s Freeform, after all. Whether she’ll find that with Pinstripe remains to be seen, but I for one am not rooting for the two. They’re young, and they clearly want different things. Pinstripe is very sexual and fluid, and he shouldn’t randomly give that up to pursue a relationship with Jane because it’ll either end badly, or he’ll have to change to be with her, and he shouldn’t have to do that. And if he doesn’t change, Jane gets hurt and has to start all over. Some people never settle down and they’ve painted Pinstripe to be one of those guys, so honestly, I think that should be the end of his story with Jane whether there’s more feelings there or not.

He helped Jane achieve her first orgasm, which was a big deal, but it doesn’t create love, or chemistry, or attraction beyond sexual attraction. Pinstripe has just been Jane’s sexual awakening of sorts, so a relationship really doesn’t need to be pursued between the two. Jane and Landon (the guy at the bar) got along better than Jane has with Pinstripe, and I’d like to see Jane and Landon continue their good date on to see what may be there. He seems much more level-headed and on Jane’s mental level, so he could be the perfect match for her. We’ll never know if she’s stuck pining over Pinstripe though.

“So I did a thing.”

It’s nice to see Kat doing her job, again. Without Adena, I feel like we’re getting a better sense of who Kat is as a character, and it’s been refreshing to see her actually conquering the Scarlet world like Jane and Sutton have all season. Unfortunately Adena will be back next week so Kat’s work stories will probably fizzle out, but this episode showed how inexperienced Kat is at her job for sure.

How was Natalie her first hire (and fire) after being the Social Media Director for two years? I feel like the writers are expecting us to ignore the unbelievable timeline to show Kat discover new things about herself and her job at Scarlet, like they’re doing with Jane and her stories, but they already settled the fact that Kat has been running her own department, so comments like that don’t make any sense. Any way, it was interesting to see how Kat handled the situation and how long she waited to fire Natalie after her (many) screw-ups, but thankfully, Kat stepped up at the end and took care of Natalie. Didn’t know she had it in her.

“Jane? I need Jane!”

Poor Sutton. Or in her words, “Oh no.” How funny was Sutton at and after high tea? I definitely did not expect that, and it pushed this episode to one of my favorite episodes of television of all-time. The girls in the bath tub at Richard’s was awkward (for Richard), but it was really funny and nice to see these three just relaxing and being ridiculous together. On the other hand, this marked the beginning of the end for Richard and Sutton, so was it worth it?

I’m excited by Sutton’s new relationship status. Being with Richard was too complicated, and Sutton is too young to have to worry about something so serious and complicated. She should be living it up; she just got the job she dreamed of which is furthering her dreams of working in fashion, her best friends are succeeding in life, and she’s in her late twenties and has the rest of her life in front of her. Richard has already settled down and achieved his dreams, so the two just clash because he’s too far past that time in his life to understand Sutton the way someone her own age can. Their breakup is sad, yes, but it opens Sutton up to many possibilities.

I hope the writers don’t suddenly push Sutton and Alex together given that she just broke up with Richard and we know they were together for a while. She needs time to move on, to live her life, and then she should consider starting something with Alex. That’s something that should be pushed off for another ten episodes or so, assuming we get more.


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