The Bold Type Round Table: Rookie Mistake (Season 1 Episode 5)

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 5, Kat is put in an awkward position with Adena and her girlfriend, while Sutton makes a ballsy move to getting what she wants from her new job.

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols, Ariana, and Canary Sisters Editor-in-Chief Jay Ruymann, as we discuss this controversial episode.

What did you think of Kat’s “This lesbian shit is intense” tweet?

Ariana: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at the whole fiasco as it was happening, but that was a pretty rookie mistake for the social media director of two years. Her comment, although just a silly error, was mildly homophobic, and she really does need to be more attentive. I’m just relieved it was removed before anyone else saw it, and hopefully Kat is able to work through all these mixed emotions so she can get her focus back.

Jay: How long has Kat been the Social Media Director? This was a rookie mistake, and granted, it could happen to anyone, but it happened to Kat, who doesn’t have a good record so far for how she does at her job. It just shows that Kat doesn’t take work as seriously as the others, whether it was an accident or not. She’s always leaving work to chase down Adena, or for some other reason, and it’s just really tiresome to see Kat repeatedly fail her duties at Scarlet.

Allison: The tweet definitely showed how out of it Kat is. Kat’s struggling with her feelings and this new, messy relationship, and her work is suffering. Her focus isn’t there, and I agree with Jay that this is yet another instance where Kat doesn’t appear to be good at her job. While Sutton and Jane have storylines that showcase them striving or excelling at something at work while also dealing with their relationships, Kat can’t seem to swing that. Adena always interferes with Kat’s duties at Scarlet, and I’m ready for that to stop. Show me that Kat Edison is a badass social media director.

Yana: I have multiple accounts and I’ve had times where I posted something to the wrong one. And it was always something that really wasn’t meant to be on my main account which would make me freak out. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever had my friends text me as I’m having a serious conversation, I could see how that could throw someone completely off but it was in a work setting which makes it even worse. I didn’t judge Kat though, she was going through a lot and being spammed, sometimes you can’t handle it all at once.

Was Morgyn right to sue Jane? Did Jane’s growth at the end (admitting her faults and prejudice) surprise you?

Ariana: I don’t really believe there’s a right or a wrong here. Richard put it best when he said it was the private school’s fault, and that Morgyn was unfortunately directing her anger towards Jane. They made it pretty clear throughout the episode that if the school hadn’t made the decision it did, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Although it was Jane’s article that exposed her, it was Morgyn’s decision to do the interview with Scarlet and give up the information she did. For me, Jane’s mistake was when she unfairly judged and demeaned Morgyn after the fact.

I could kind of tell that’s the direction the episode was headed in, and I’m proud of Jane for realizing her faults and acknowledging them. It takes a lot of courage to admit you were wrong and apologize to someone. All in all, Jane learned a valuable lesson, and it’s these types of trials and tribulations that are going to make her a better writer. She still has so much more room to grow, and I’m looking forward to see her character development unfold.

Jay: There’s no right or wrong here, especially since we didn’t see the interview take place. I think both sides had their reasons for their reactions, and I’m grateful we got to see those play out, no matter how difficult.

I’m glad Jane grew from the situation and learned from her mistakes, because isn’t that what being a writer is all about? Isn’t that what being a young adult is all about? We’re taught things (prejudice, etc.) as a child that we have to outgrow, and Jane didn’t realize she was judging Morgyn for her profession or looking down on her, but she was, whether her writing indicated it or not. Jane is really growing as a person through her job at Scarlet, and it’s inspiring to see.

Allison: I agree with Ariana and Jay. Morgyn was lashing out because of what the school did to her son, and Jane was, unfortunately, the target. I do love that this lawsuit forced Jane to recognize some of her faults, and she eventually owned up to them and apologized to Morgyn. That took a lot of guts, and I was proud of her.

Yana: I think because we didn’t see their interview, we aren’t meant to form an opinion beyond what we saw. I’m glad everything worked out for them both, but especially with Jane. This is another obstacle on her writing career, and knowing this lesson will make her an even more successful writer down the line.

Was Sutton right to call out Kat and Jane for not listening to her or attempting to understand what she’s going through? Are you happy the girls reconciled so quickly?

Ariana: Yes, absolutely. It’s clear these girls come from very different backgrounds, and are in very different financial situations. Kat and Jane seem to be fairly privileged when it comes to money, and they don’t know what it’s like to be Sutton’s shoes. Although they were “trying to help”, they made light of a very serious and very real situation for Sutton. They should’ve made a better attempt to really listen and understand her, even if they can’t relate to the position she’s in.

I hate seeing these girls fight with one another, so yes, I was happy they didn’t drag out the dispute. Conflict and heated conversations are apart of every friendship though, and Jane and Kat needed Sutton’s brutal honesty to push them in the right direction. After everything, it was really thoughtful of the two of them to come up with a plan for Sutton, and make it clear to her that they were her safety net. The supportive friendship these women have is so inspiring, and every woman deserves to have something like it.

Jay: Someone had to do it. Jane and Kat don’t always see the privileges they have, especially when it comes to money and lenience as we’ve seen, and Sutton deserves for her friends to at least make an attempt to empathize with what she’s dealing with. She’s really had a rough road and she deserves someone to take her seriously and understand the risk she’s taking by taking a demotion to follow her dreams, which her friends should understand better than anyone.

I’m happy the girls weren’t in a drawn-out battle because they all need each other. Being a millennial in the working world is rough, and you can’t do it alone. Hell, you can barely do it with three people in a studio apartment in New York City.

Allison: Sutton was definitely right to call them out because, like Jay and Ariana said, they don’t understand Sutton’s financial struggles. They don’t see that she needed to justify buying herself a nice pair of shoes because she can’t afford to treat herself whenever she wants. All three girls were going through a hard time, and unfortunately that meant that they weren’t giving their full attention to the other girls.

I’m glad Kat and Jane quickly realized how they had hurt Sutton, and they made it right. I definitely do not want to go through an episode or two where the girls are fighting. I’m not emotionally strong enough to handle that.

Yana: I really understood the fear that Sutton had, so I did think she was right to call the girls out. It can be difficult to understand needing safety if you never had to worry about it. I’m glad Sutton stood up and was heard. It was also great that they didn’t draw out their fights, because sometimes you do need to vent or get angry but it isn’t forever. This is a very authentic look into everyday friendships.

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