The Bold Type Review: No Feminism in the Champagne Room (Season 1 Episode 5)

After Jane publishes a piece about an empowering woman who went from Wall Street to a strip club, she’s sued for defamation of character and it teaches Jane a few things about herself.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 5, “No Feminism in the Champagne Room,” (which is probably my favorite episode title ever), Sutton’s excitement for her job as Oliver’s fashion assistant quickly dies down when she realizes the salary is much, much less than she anticipated.

I’m Nora Ephron, bitch!

Sutton is slowly becoming my favorite character on The Bold Type; she’s strong, passionate, driven, independent, and totally badass. What more could we ask for? How about a quietly determined, independent showstopper that knows her worth and won’t stand for anything less, even when the odds are against her?

Sutton’s journey thus far has really been the sum of a millennial’s life. She’s had to fight to achieve her dreams, even taking a demotion to do so, and she’s struggling to work for a livable wage in New York City. Her problems are real, and much more relatable to normal viewers. Kat and Jane clearly have a certain level of privilege when it comes to money, but Sutton doesn’t. She never has. Sutton is every millennial watcher, hoping to see someone get a happy ending when we often can’t ourselves.

This episode did see a slight rift in the relationship between Kat, Jane, and Sutton, and it’s okay to take sides, as long as you realize Sutton had every right to call out her friends for their lack of empathy and understanding. They didn’t attempt to understand what she was going through at first, or how this lack of money could’ve changed her life. Jane and Kat clearly have some sort of privilege when it comes to money and they don’t have to worry about it quite as much, if at all (which Kat seemingly doesn’t), so they needed a big moment to realize what they were doing was wrong.

I hate seeing any of the girls fight, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s a real part of friendship; especially when things are hard for someone, it means they’re that much more likely to blow up on those closest to them.

Judgmental Jane

Did anyone expect to see this side of Jane? Not knowing the story of how her interview was conducted, what she wrote, or what Morgyn told her complicated how we, as viewers, could see the situation, but maybe that was exactly the point. It was interesting to see both women stand firm on their beliefs, and to see Jane ponder how her writing could have led to this.

She started off so proud of this piece; to her, it was an empowering portrait on the life of a full-time stripper who danced not for money, but for the freedom to own herself and her sexuality. A woman who turned away from a six-figure salary and purposefully became a stripper. We often only see women in this job because of poverty, or something of the sort, but the writers chose to show this woman who genuinely enjoyed the job and did it for herself, not for the money. Jane, however, had a pre-conceived, subconscious bias about this woman that, while it didn’t show in her empowering piece, showed in the settlement meetings.

It’s interesting to see a real depiction of someone who is almost always so open-minded and politically correct, but has fallen to the way she was raised to think about people. Jane has a lot of work to do on herself, and this was a really enlightening moment for her as a woman and a writer to consider where she got this subconscious degrading look on women who use their sexuality to pay the bills.

Kat and Adena

How are we feeling about these two now? Kat and Adena are so back and forth, it’s hard to form an opinion of them, but so far, I’m not about them together. First of all, these two came together through cheating. Adena had been with her girlfriend for three years, and she knowingly sought out a friendship with Kat when she had feelings for her, and then they kissed “for hours” and Kat stayed the night.

I know if any heterosexual relationship came together this way, fans would be upset with one or both of the characters. Take Arrow for example: when Oliver and Laurel romantically reunited in Season 1, she was partially still in a relationship with her boyfriend, and fans destroyed her and Oliver for that. So when it comes to a homosexual couple coming together through cheating, should any of our opinions be different? Any way, back to Kat. It’s interesting to see her discovering her sexuality while also embracing the fact she’s never been in a relationship, and it’ll be interesting to see if the series combines those.

Kat’s work seems to be slipping, which may be foreshadowing of her future at Scarlet, if the series goes on. Her tweet saying, “This lesbian shit is intense!” was funny, I’ll admit I laughed, but it was vastly unprofessional. How has Kat been the Social Media Director for two years if she’s making rookie mistakes like that? How did Kat get promoted two years before either of her friends? We haven’t really ever seen her do actual work at Scarlet, so we don’t know what made her such a capable employee that she would get a promotion so soon.

Maybe instead of focusing solely on Kat and Adena, and Kat discovering her sexuality, we focus on Kat as a working woman, who, on the side, is discovering her sexuality and what that means. Nobody really wants their sexuality to define them, so why is Kat’s sexuality her defining factor on The Bold Type? It’s okay for these two to be the central relationship; it’s groundbreaking for them to be, but at what cost? To lose Kat in the shuffle? Kat’s just as important as the other two, and her role is more important at Scarlet, so why are we never seeing her actually doing her job?


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