The Bold Type Review: If You Can’t Do It With Feeling (Season 1 Episode 4)

Jane learns about “mansplaining” the hard way when she’s invited to speak on a panel of young, political voices, while Sutton is caught in a lie at Scarlet.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 4, “If You Can’t Do It With Feeling,” Kat learns the hard way about discrimination by the police when she’s thrown in jail for a night. Meanwhile, Richard makes a bad (although supportive) move and almost costs Sutton her job in the fashion department.

“No Fancy Fashion Degree”

Still stuck in the assistant trenches and working for the Queen of Green Juice, Sutton is desperate to get out and to work in the fashion department. Yet when she gets the opportunity, it blows up in her face due to a lie and she almost misses out on the opportunity. But Sutton is far too dedicated to just let something slip through her hands without putting in a bit of hard work.

Seeing Sutton bust her ass at this job shows how dedicated, passionate, and strong-willed she is, and it’s exciting we’re going to be seeing more of that side of her as she tries to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. Sutton is the hardest working of the three girls, and she seems to be the smartest, too. She’s very down-to-Earth, and even knowing she should’ve told Oliver the truth, sometimes the ways of a millennial fighting for their job by any means necessary are hard to break. It’s hard to get a job nowadays, so can we really blame her for taking advantage of Oliver’s mistake?

Also, her relationship with Richard is probably the best on the show because it doesn’t eat up her screen time. We know they’re together, we get maybe a scene of them (like the elevator scene where his old ass didn’t know what she was mouthing and tried to laugh it off) per episode, but he’s there supporting her as she throws herself into Scarlet to try to make a name for herself. It’s nice to see a relationship that’s mostly behind-the-scenes as Sutton is focusing on her job and it’s her number one priority. It truly shows the kind of person she is.


Yay for Jane! She’s invited to a panel of strong, political voices under 30, yet once at the panel, she maybe gets in two sentences. Unfortunately, Jane learned the hard way how many aren’t eager to listen to or believe a woman because of just that. She’s a woman. Like the man who interrupted her at the panel. Due to his manhood, and him thinking that he was better than Jane and his voice matters more, Jane was interrupted after barely getting a comment out. And later, when she tried to interrupt him, he stopped her and told her to let him finish his comment. Yikes, dude.

Jane seems very quiet in public, as if she’s a bit of an introvert, so yes, it would’ve been hard for her to interrupt him back. Lucky for her, what she did say really resonated with the people watching the panel, so it won’t be the last she’s invited to. Jane is really going to have to learn to speak for herself and learn to interrupt men, especially the mansplainers, back to get her points out there, or she’ll never get to speak.

As for her relationship with Pinstripe, we can easily just say: she’s having fun. More specifically, she had fun twice in this episode. It’s nice to see such a casual relationship between these two as the others get more serious. Jane’s really focused on letting loose and exploring herself as a woman and as a writer, so before she settles down to anything with Ryan, let her just breathe and enjoy life for a while. She deserves it, and nobody really wants to see an episode focusing solely around Jane and Ryan, or Sutton and Richard for that matter. We’re interested in these women and their lives, not just their love lives.

Here Come the Police!

Kat’s story, once again, revolves around Adena. The break in Season 1 Episode 3 and seeing Kat do her job and the issues associated with it, was nice, but it’s back to normal and back to Kat’s love life.

More importantly, let’s focus on the police interaction and Adena’s departure. She is dealing with deportation and renewing her visa, so can anyone actually say Adena was in the wrong to run away? That could’ve put her in more danger, and she most definitely would’ve been faced with deportation in the society we’re living in today. It was arrogant of Kat to assume why Adena left and not consider why she felt the need to leave.

However, there’s also the matter of something else to consider: Kat is also a non-straight woman of color. A black woman punched a white man, seemingly unprovoked, which put her at risk to being killed. In real life, she could’ve been shot, especially for resisting arrest like she did. So Adena also put Kat’s life at risk, after Kat stood up for her, by not being there to at least lend Kat’s story a supporting hand.

It’s a very complicated issue, and both sides are right. Adena was both right and wrong to leave, given the two factors above, and if Kat would’ve ended up hurt, or dead, due to this, then Adena would’ve had to live with that decision. But Kat is alright, so the issue will surely be dropped by The Bold Type, but there’s so much more to explore.

First of all, Kat is in the wrong. Sure, there are times when you should stand up for someone when they’re being verbally assaulted as Adena was, but there are more often times where walking away is the only action. Kat acts recklessly and she put both her life and Adena’s life at risk by not considering the consequences of her actions, much like she was going to do when she planned to tweet “#FreeAdena” when she was unlawfully detained in her home country. So, really, we should be questioning Kat about all of this. She acts so recklessly and with no concern or thought of the future consequences of what she does, and that’s going to get her into trouble. Well, more trouble.


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