The Bold Type Review: The Woman Behind the Clothes (Season 1 Episode 3)

When Jane is granted an interview with a rising congresswoman, she isn’t given the opportunity to tackle the story she’s aiming for. Thrown for a loop, Jane must be creative and resourceful when finding the story that is going to shock readers.

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3, “The Woman Behind the Clothes,” Jane is given the chance to prove herself, while Kat finally figures out how harsh the internet can be when she’s attacked by trolls for a tweet about VR goggles being aimed toward men.

Sutton’s Journey

After her friends escaped the assistant trenches, Sutton is now feeling the heat on moving up at Scarlet, but even after four years, she’s still struggling to find out where exactly she’d like to be. Thankfully, Sutton won’t be moving to the business side of the magazine, but instead will be pursuing fashion at Scarlet.

It’s surprisingly refreshing to see how adult and mature Sutton is and remains. She doesn’t attempt to place the blame on anyone else when it comes to anything. She’s in charge of her life and her decisions are her own, whether they’re blown up by others or not. While she’s continuing to get the Queen of Green Juice her daily fix, Sutton is taking her career into her own hands, whatever the cost may be.

And luckily, her relationship with Richard isn’t getting in the way of that. He’s supportive of her goals and dreams and he wants to help her however he can — as a normal boyfriend and not a member of the board. The Bold Type took a chance on pursuing the relationship with these two and writing it in a way that wouldn’t affect Sutton’s character or career in a negative way, and so far, they’re succeeding. Sutton doesn’t need Richard for anything; their relationship, to her, is outside of work, it’s just pressured by the rules of her job.

Kat’s Struggles

It was clear that while Kat has been the Social Media Director of Scarlet for over two years now, she hasn’t dealt with this kind of fallout over something she’s tweeted / said. Is it fair to say she was right or wrong about what she tweeted? No. Every person is entitled to their opinion, especially over something as ridiculous as VR goggles.

Whether you’re Team Kat on her tweet or not doesn’t matter at all; the point is, the response received to her tweet was disgusting and uncalled for. Threats about death and sexual assault, the leaking of a nude photo and her home address, all of these were attacks on her not as a general person, but an attack on her as a woman. That’s the point the series was making with this. People are so quick to threaten women this way and it’s disgusting that anyone is able to get away with these threats because of anonymity on websites like Twitter.

The way Kat handled this wasn’t ideal either, but it’s to be expected for the back story they’ve given her. To her, these were just threats at first. She was used to these; it’s what trolls do on the internet, and how things have worked in recent years on social media. It’s not to be normalized or accepted; something needs to be done, but it is how things have been for so long now. Any way, surely Kat has received these sorts of messages before, but not on a mass scale, and not personal attacks. Scarlet was attacked for being a magazine about women, but Kat’s personal information being leaked took this attack to a new level.

Jane and Sutton, bless their hearts, understood the danger of the situation and tried to bring that to Kat’s attention because Kat shouldn’t be normalizing this behavior either. The threats she was receiving were severe, and with her home address out there, that put her at even more risk because trolls don’t always stay anonymous. It’s about time a series tackled this topic with the integrity and attention The Bold Type gave it.

Jane’s Writing

Jane’s story in this episode was quite inventive of the writers, and the conclusion made me, personally, get up and cheer for Jane as her first big political story was published.

Jane: They should be talking about her politics, not her pantsuits.

The discovery that the congresswoman picked disgusting outfits on days she made questionable political decisions earned Jane a voice in the political atmosphere. While the congresswoman uses fashion to her advantage, Jane did the same thing. Scarlet is proving itself to be much more than just what to wear, and giving a voice to millennial women everywhere without taking away what makes the magazine special.


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