The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3 Round Table: Instinct

On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 3, Kat was subjected to relentless torment on social media after a tweet went viral, while Sutton worked her ass off as she’s beginning to pursue her fashion dreams. Meanwhile, Jane’s lackluster interview turned into a story nobody will forget.

Join TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols, Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV, Canary Sisters Editor-in-Chief Jay Ruymann, and Ariana as they discuss Kat’s nightmare, Jane’s innovation, and the three relationships.

What did you think of how The Bold Type handled Kat’s social media nightmare?

Yana: I think they handled it very well in a one episode story arc. It was realistic because no one really expected it to blow up when she first wrote the post, and it was a process for her to figure out that it was serious and she didn’t need to handle it alone.

Allison: I agree with Yana. I thought it was handled nicely. I’m really glad that we saw Kat get support from not only Jacqueline but also other random twitter-sphere people.

Samantha: I agree with Yana, it was really well done and realistic especially considering they ran the whole gamut of that story in a single episode. Pretty much any woman on the internet has been through something similar or witnessed it happening to one of their friends.

Ariana: I think it was fairly realistic adaptation of what it’s like to be a woman on social media. I’m glad they took up the opportunity to discuss one of the many issues that come with the territory of being online, while also providing a positive way to respond to the situation.

Jay: For a one episode arc, The Bold Type handled the topic of social media bullying quite well. Anonymity is a scary thing in this day and age, and for those who have experienced it to the magnitude Kat did, I can’t imagine how horrible that must feel. I wish this would’ve been a multi-episode arc for the series, but given the time constraint, they managed to fit everything into place.

When she fought back against them with the tweet, what was your immediate reaction? What do you think now?

Yana: From personal experience, I get it. It can be overwhelming and trolls specifically say things to get a rise out of you and have you respond to them. It’s a simple baiting technique but yet it works so often because you want to correct that lie or that insult that they are hurling at you to come out stronger, but they already won as soon as you give them the time of day. It took a while for me to learn not to feed the trolls, and sometimes I still respond but I pace myself and apply when I think is necessary but not for every message I get. I’m glad Kat found a way to do some good instead of engaging, sometimes ignoring really is more helpful because it bugs the harasser so much when they can’t get a reaction back.

Allison: It’s hard not to fight back because you’re being attacked, so I understand the instinct. However, I knew immediately that this was not going to work well, and I was definitely going, “Kat don’t” as soon as she started to respond.

Samantha: Again Yana hit the nail on the head here, even though I didn’t want her to respond to the trolls for fear it’d make them worse, I completely understand why she did. When people are yelling horrible things at you for hours and hours it’s increasingly difficult not to turn around and scream in their faces. But sometimes one good clap back is all you need to get that anger and frustration out before you start the real healing process, and that’s what Kat did. I’m really glad she was able to channel that negativity into something good.

Ariana: I think anyone who’s on social media has faced some kind of situation similar to Kat’s, even if not to the same extent, and although feeding into the hate only makes matters worse, I completely understand why she felt the urgency to respond and defend herself; it’s natural human instinct. However, I’m glad Kat realized there was a more effective way to handle the problem, and hopefully the viewers learned from her mistake.

Jay: From personal experience, fighting back is never a good idea. It gives more ammunition and just adds flames to the fire, but it’s a natural response and everyone has to learn the hard way, honestly. When Kat first responded, I simultaneously wanted to cheer her on and slap her phone out of her hand, because while it’s good to stand up for yourself, I knew that was a terrible idea. And now, I’m kind of glad Kat did it. Unfortunately it made things much worse, but Kat took the pain she was feeling and created something good from it.

Were you surprised that Kat wasn’t taking the threats seriously?

Yana: No. Again, I have gone some and continue to sometimes receive some wild trolls in my inbox or in my DMs. That’s just how things work when your opinions or your work extends a bit farther than just the people who want to read it. And I got a lot of hateful messages at one point all at once, and every single time, I would answer.

People told me not to pay attention and it wasn’t until two of my social media accounts were hacked that I installed a program to track the people visiting my Twitter. From there I saw exactly how many times someone with a specific IP address was visiting my blog and realized how borderline stalker territory it was. That was a rude awakening that made me more alert about unwelcome people on the internet. Kat seemed to have gone through the same thing, you think you have it under control until it hits you how not okay any of that behavior really is. You have to take precautions because you just never know what someone’s intentions are besides being petty.

Allison: It’s sad but we’ve kind of become desensitized to death threats and sexual assault threats on the internet. It’s become a common practice among trolls, which is absolutely disgusting. It was not surprising that Kat didn’t take it seriously, not immediately anyways. Plus, it’s also a self-preservation tactic – if you do not freak out over the threats, then they don’t hold any power over you. Of course as things intensified, Kat started to worry, as she should.

Samantha: No, that’s the first thing that trolls jump to these days. I probably would’ve reacted the same way that Kat did, not taking it seriously until it got truly personal. Which is really sad, if you think about it, that these kinds of threats are so common that we don’t take them seriously until it becomes truly dangerous.

Ariana: No, Kat is the social media director, and unfortunately those kinds of threats and responses are common. I think her reaction, or lack thereof, really showcases how much we, as a society, have normalized this kind of treatment towards women. It’s a shame that threats such as the ones Kat received aren’t take as seriously as they should be until they become more real. Unfortunately that’s the risk we take interacting with others online. 

Jay: I mean, a little bit. For someone so “woke,” it’s just hard to believe that Kat wouldn’t take even the threat of something like that seriously, whether it happened on the internet or not. But I’m not a woman, so I can’t speak too much to this from personal experience, so it’s interesting to see how Kat handled the situation vs. Jane and Sutton’s reactions, and the reactions of my fellow writers. It’s sad that this is such a common occurrence that so many have had to begin to dissociate themselves a bit from the internet.

What did you think of Jane using fashion against the congresswoman?

Yana: I actually did not see that coming. But it fit so well with the Scarlet name attached, they wouldn’t talk to Jane because she was from a fashion magazine and it was her fashion that put the congresswoman on blast.

Allison: This was such a cool twist! It was completely unexpected. Through fashion, Jane was able to get an awesome political article. I hope that Jane is learning that writing about fashion, sex, and/or relationships doesn’t make you a lesser quality writer.

Samantha: I thought it was brilliant. I loved how Jane cracked the code and ultimately got the better story by digging a little deeper with what she had, even though the congresswoman barely gave her anything.

Ariana: I think it was a really clever twist on connecting fashion to politics. It was so fitting for Jane and such a breakthrough story for Scarlet Magazine as a whole. 

Jay: This has to be one of my favorite stories of all-time, on any television show. Jane’s perseverance to get a life-changing story from the congresswoman shows how dedicated she is to her career path, and how passionate she is about writing. It was such a twist; her two-minute interview turned into a story that’s going to change Scarlet forever. Inspiring, really.

What are your thoughts on Sutton’s career path?

Yana: I am in love with this story arc for her. It speaks so much to the people (like me) who weren’t sure if following their dreams was the way to go in life and are trying to now. It doesn’t all work out right away and it is a tough path to be on, but Sutton is such a hard worker because this is exactly where she wants to be. My favorite part was when she went and saw her idea on the Instagram page and that pushed her to talk to Lauren. That is completely relatable. Any time I start to doubt, I look back on something I managed to achieve at this point in my life that is pushing me further in my career and that really inspires me not to get wrapped up in worry.

Allison: I just really want her to get everything she wants. I love that we are watching her struggle with her dream and whether or not it is worth pursuing. Watching someone on TV go through this is a confidence builder for anyone who is in Sutton’s shoes, trying to decide if a dream is worth it. The fact that Lauren is totally on board at the end makes my heart happy. We need more women supporting women, especially when it’s a boss supporting a staff member. Lauren is in Sutton’s corner now, and I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows through this job application process.

Samantha: I actually really love it. I completely agree with Yana, and I relate to Sutton so much. She’s just beginning to figure out what she really wants to do. And it’s really hard to just straight up go for what you want, especially when so many voices are telling you to make the “smart” career choice over the one that your heart wants to make. I’m excited to see where this journey takes her.

Ariana: I think it’s a hopeful storyline for the viewers watching who have been in Sutton’s position, specifically the ones who are still there. It can be challenging to pursue your dreams, especially when people are encouraging you to do something more “practical.” It’s refreshing to see so many people supporting her in her dream, rather than trying to convince her to opt for something less than what she wants. Accomplishing your goals is hard enough on its own, and the people you surround yourself shouldn’t be one of those things making it harder.

Jay: I really want Sutton to succeed, as her friends have. She works so hard for the Queen of Green Juice, and she’s earned the time to prove herself for her dreams. It took time for me to warm up to Sutton (say, three re-watches of all three episodes), but I’m rooting for her and I understand her character much more now: she’s hungry, determined, and passionate about continuing her life on her dream path.

Give your opinions and thoughts on the three relationships (Kat & Adena, Jane & Pinstripe, and Sutton & Richard).

Yana: Kat and Adena are everything I’ve been looking for in a F/F couple on TV. Kat’s journey with her sexuality speaks way too much to me and what I went through and watching her figure out this attraction vs a focus on having sex with a gender is so important. It starts a conversation and makes people really connect with that back and forth that they may have had. Plus they just make each other smile and their scenes always stand out to me. I’m rooting for them like nothing else. 

Jane and Ryan are eh. That’s all I got. He is pretty boring to me and their relationship seems bland. They have the most drama on the show right now in terms of couples, Kat and Adena are a close second, and I can’t buy into it. It just isn’t working for me and I don’t know how long they will last.

As for Sutton and Richard, who would have thought that I would love them? At first they just felt very much like Richard had the upper hand and Sutton would suffer, but that took such a turn. It is refreshing to see how supportive Richard is, he doesn’t try to control her career or tell her to dream smaller. He makes sure she knows that she can succeed in anything and he will be waiting for her with breadsticks while she conquers the fashion field. It is healthy and a sweet ship to have if the other couples on the show are constantly working through big issues.

Allison: I’m loving Kat and Adena’s relationship. I am always excited when it’s brought up, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

I’m with Yana on Jane and Ryan. Right now, I’m meh about them. I loved the tension in the last episode, but this episode killed all of that. The whole drama surrounding his story made me roll my eyes.

Sutton and Richard are surprisingly adorable. He’s so sweet and supportive, and I love that he brought her Olive Garden breadsticks. He’s her moral support, always there to cheer her on and to tell her that her dreams aren’t stupid. I thought I wouldn’t like them as a couple that much, but this episode made me fall even more in love with them. I’m not sure what their ship name is, but I’m totally on board.

Samantha: I ADORE Kat and Adena! The way they are writing Kat realizing her sexuality might not be what she always thought it was, is really, really lovely. Like Yana said, Kat’s experience here speaks to so many queer women, myself included. I was as bummed as Kat to see Adena seemed to be with someone, but I am still rooting for them! I can’t wait to see what Adena wanted to talk to her about.

I’m not really jazzed about Jane and Ryan yet. Sure he’s not actually the jerk she thought he was, but he’s really not all that interesting either. I obviously want her to have her first orgasm, but I just feel like she could do better.

Like Yana I’m surprised that I like Sutton and Richard as much as I do! It could have gone so horribly from how it was set up in the pilot, but this relationship is actually fantastic. As Yana said I love how supportive he is, and how Sutton knows her worth. When he showed up with breadsticks after she missed their date, he won me over, that’s true love.

Ariana: So far, the highlight of Kat and Adena’s relationship for me is Kat having the opportunity to explore her sexuality. I’m still kind of indifferent on their relationship, as it’s still developing. However, it’s exciting to see someone who had never questioned their sexuality before begin to question it at what some would consider a late age. It helps deconstruct the idea that you have to be one thing forever, or as Adena put it, fit into a box. If you’re like me, you believe sexuality is more fluid than people maybe once thought, and this storyline really speaks to that. Hopefully it’s eye-opening to those who haven’t ever seen sexuality from this perspective. 

There isn’t too much to go off of for Jane and Ryan yet, however, I do think Jane deserves something fun right now after her last boyfriend left her a train station on her birthday. I don’t see them going anywhere yet, but props to Ryan for not being the misogynistic dick they made him out to be in the beginning. Hopefully they continue to challenge one another, and we’ve seen the most of the drama for now.

Sutton and Richard quickly became my favorite relationship on the show after he brought her breadsticks. Food really goes a long way. The breadsticks aside, he’s really supportive of her and that’s exactly what she needs at this point in her life. At first, I was worried they were going to make Richard the center of Sutton’s storyline, but The Bold Type didn’t disappoint, and this episode made it clear she’s not putting a man before her work. 

Jay: Listen, I honestly can’t say I’m a fan of Kat and Adena (yet). I was worried that The Bold Type would make one of the three girls’ stories all about their significant other, and other than this episode, that’s mainly what Kat’s has been about. Yes, it’s about exploring her sexuality, too, but that’s all been done through Adena. Just because it’s two women doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply; we wouldn’t want Sutton’s entire story to be about Richard.

As for Jane and Ryan, I’m not sure about it yet. I like that he challenges her as a woman and as a writer, and I mean, he’s not too bad to look at. It’s hopefully not going to go up-in-flames due to their competing magazines.

And Sutton and Richard are surprisingly probably my favorite couple. It seemed like Sutton was just going to be about Richard, but he’s there as a real love interest to support her dreams and not get in the way. She forgot about their date and he brought her breadsticks to the office. I’m with Samantha, that’s true love. Why can’t someone get me breadsticks?


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