The 100 Round Table: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Season 4 Episode 2)

On The 100 Season 4 Episode 2, “Heavy Lies the Crown,” Bellamy was forced to make the tie-breaking decision that put the lives of many in peril over the lives of a few, while Clarke and Raven got into a few heated debates about their radiation problem.

Join Yana, Shadia, Brittany, and Samantha as they discuss whether Bellamy made the right call, that steamy hookup between Abby and Kane, and the future of Octavia’s story.

Bellamy, Clarke and Raven all had to deal with some tough decisions. Bellamy had to be the tie breaker that decided whether or not they would blow up the hydrogenerator that they needed to make water in exchange for rescuing their people. Clarke and Raven bickered about the idea of telling their people the truth or lying to give them hope for the future. Who did you agree with? Who didn’t you agree with?

Yana: So many thoughts on this, like so freaking many. I think Bellamy’s decision made sense, not only for who he is following the reign of Pike but also in terms of the show. Nothing is ever that easy, getting that hydro-generator was always going to come with complications but it makes sense for Bellamy to try to save the people in front of him. For Raven and Clarke it might not make that much sense, but they were in Arkadia and didn’t see the situation that Farm Station was in. I get that feeling of now or never because you need to act or you lose a lot of the time.

As for Raven and Clarke, they both have their reasons and both make sense. I think that knowing all the information could be dark and upsetting, but I would like to know. Clarke risks the chance of something failing and her people finding out that she lied to them, which is actually pretty obvious when she keeps saying ”I” in her speech to them. But there’s always that question of hope, would everyone work as hard if they thought that they might not survive anyway? Is telling them the worst case scenario going to help convince them that there could still be a way to beat this?

Brittany: I think it was a huge point of development for Bellamy that he’s now chosen to go against his season 3 stance of “save the many at the cost of the few.” The great thing about this show is that there are no pure right and wrong decisions — everything from burning the grounders in season 1, to Clarke and Lexa letting the bomb drop on Tondc, to Bellamy’s decision to free the Farm Station survivors are questions that inspire debate within and with the audience. It can’t go unnoticed that Clarke’s decision (and Raven’s reaction to it) is eerily similar to the conundrum Kane, Abby, Jake, and Jaha faced on the Ark. While I don’t agree with Clarke’s decision to lie (just as I didn’t agree with Jaha’s to hide the fate of the Ark from his people), I can see why she did. She made a decision for the short term good of her people, just as Jaha did. And just as Abby eventually rebelled in Jake’s name, so too may Raven. Bellamy’s decision is harder — he is done sacrificing people for the greater good, which is something I deeply understand. He chose to save lives now, rather than secure a future for their people. Knowing Bellamy, he’ll try and figure out another way around the ticking clock of the apocalypse. So while it may not have been the best tactical decision, it’s one that might save many of them later on. After all, who knows what special skills the mysterious Riley will bring to the table?

Shadia: I’d say I couldn’t blame Bellamy for making the choice in rescuing those people, including Riley with the cost of having the hydro-generator destroyed. He’s showing so much growth, that’s for sure. He made the call and in that moment he knew it was the right decision. “We save who we can save today” Bellamy said, and he did just that. I get Raven getting frustrating but they will figure out a way to fix it eventually. Clarke lying shows that she wants to be able to do as much as she can to protect everyone without being 100% honest. However, lies catch on and I’m hoping the crowd will be able to forgive her if it goes the wrong way.

Samantha: I definitely support Bellamy’s decision; though the outcome of that situation was predictable from the first moment we saw the slaves, it still felt like the right one. Bellamy had the certainty of saving a few or the possibility of saving others at the cost of those lives. “We save who we can save today.” If they start prioritizing some lives over all lives then they will begin to slip back into the same dark mindset that robbed them of their humanity on the Ark. In the argument between Clarke and Raven, they both certainly have merit, but I tend to lean more toward’s Raven’s insistence to tell the people the truth. Hope is inspiring, but there’s nothing more devastating than false hope. And when you are just honest and straight forward with people, they tend to surprise you. Like Brittany said, the crossroads that these three find themselves at is so similar to the oxygen problem that Abby, Kane, Jake, and Jaha faced on the Ark. Clarke’s inspiring words are all good and well, but will Raven’s truth, inspire the people to come up with a more viable solution as Abby’s and Jake’s did?

Where do you see Ilian and Octavia’s plot going now that he has backed down from his plan to oppose Roan and she has gone full assassin?

Yana: I think they will pair up in some way. Octavia and Ilian are actually both driven by vengeance, yet they approach it so differently. Ilian goes into his plan with a lot of planning and thinking beforehand while Octavia goes straight for the kill. And if I could ask one thing from the writers, I’d love to see Octavia confront her own mistakes. It might actually come from Ilian, he could very well point out that killing people won’t take away her pain and maybe she will finally realize that she is in the wrong as well.

Brittany: Oh man, these two. Octavia butting heads with someone new is fascinating. Ilan has suffered in many of the same ways that Octavia has — they both lost people to the ground and see themselves as being utterly alone in the world (even though Octavia has Bellamy, I don’t think she’s ready to open up to him right now). I’d 100% love to watch them butt heads while reluctantly teaming up against the bigger threat of Echo, #1 Nia fan.

Shadia: I think Octavia and Ilian are both in the same boat right now. They are still grieving and they are definitely out for vengeance, just in different ways. I could see a possible team up between the two. Octavia is getting gnarly by the episode and who knows what she’ll do next. Maybe Ilian might be able to help her see things clearly and be the person that can help her out.

Samantha: I think it could go either way between them, they’ve both suffered such similarly devastating losses and are handling that grief in similar bloodthirsty ways, but they certainly don’t like each other very much right now. They could team up and become the most deadly duo on the show. Octavia is unlikely to allow anything to deter her current path to seek justice through vengeance, so it will be interesting to see how Ilian plays into that journey.

Kane and Abby shared some wonderful moments before they separated. Where will their relationship go from here?

Yana: I have no clue! I was expecting them to separate at some point but they just got together, that just isn’t fair. It is nice to know though that the chances of anything actually breaking them up is so slim, these two will be the small happiness that the show has to offer us now.

Brittany: I think Kane and Abby will be a steady and constant through line through the season. Just as Octavia and Lincoln were the relationship touchstone in season 1-3, Kane and Abby are now the love story the show will come back to in order to show that beautiful, hopeful things still exist in the midst of war. From here, they’ll likely have separate journeys for a few episodes, but I feel that their duties as Ambassador/Chancellor and Doctor will bring them back together and make them a strong team. Jaha once told Kane and Abby that they work better together, and I believe we’ll see their relationship flourish from the addition of love to their already strong partnership.

Shadia: Kane and Abby hooked up right in the beginning of the episode, and I was just like whaaaat? That was fast! But I love those two, I could see them growing stronger together and being each other’s comfort. They are great teammates and they complicate each other so well!

Samantha: I agree with Brittany, I feel like their relationship will become that bright thread of hope throughout this season that the show will continue to come back to over and over to remind us of the good things that are worth fighting for even at the end of the world. Love is worth fighting for, love keeps us going, love can conquer anything. It breaks my heart that they’re going to be apart for who knows how long, but I have no doubt that they’ll find their way back to each other and become stronger together as the season goes on.

How much did you absolutely adore and fall in love with Riley?

Yana: Riley is my moon and stars. The show would be nothing without him and he makes The 100 what it is now.

Brittany: What even is this show without Riley? Riley is my boy. He’s clearly been the thing missing from The 100 the whole time, and he’s going to be everyone’s saviour. Like, how did they even get by without him? Can’t wait to ship Riley/having a last name.

Shadia: So glad Riley is back. Poor thing stuck as a slave, but thanks to Bellamy he’s now free! I’m curious as to how his storyline will pan out this season.

Samantha: Oh man, Riley! I love that guy, he’s such a crucial player. The 100 would be lost without Riley!

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