The 100 Round Table: Got a Secret, Can You Keep It? (Season 4 Episode 1)

On The 100 Season 4 Episode 1, “Echoes,” the world is recovering from ALIE’s attack, and the Ice Nation appoints a new leader. With the world in threat of imminent destruction from irradiation, it’s up to Skaikru to stand together and save the world as the nuclear reactors begin breaking down.

Join Yana, Shadia, Brittany, Samantha, and Jay as they discuss the potential for Clarke and Bellamy to save the world, who they’re most excited to see together (platonically and romantically), and what their one wish for The 100 Season 4 is. 

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Do Clarke and Bellamy have what it takes to save the world? Will they work better together?

Yana: Yes and yes. It’s essentially integrated into the narrative that Bellamy and Clarke are better together. They have strong leadership skills, but Clarke can sometimes focus too much and be in her head a lot, while Bellamy follows his heart. Together, they combine the two and are better at leading. We saw that last season too, Clarke stayed in Polis because she thought that was the right choice for her people, not taking into account what was actually happening there. Bellamy on the other hand started to follow Pike because he played into his weakness, his love for his people and his guilt for the deaths he couldn’t prevent. Bellamy didn’t think critically about what Pike’s leadership would do to both Sky People and Grounders. 

But I would also really like to see Bellamy and Clarke working together with the rest of the delinquents. Bellamy/Clarke are amazing when they return to their partnership, but as a team with everyone else they have even more potential to get through all this.

Shadia: I believe they do. They have such an amazing teamwork going on and they prove that they work better together in tackling everything around them. As seen toward the end of Season 3, they worked well with each other and the trust is strong between them. Though this threat in Season 4 is far greater than in Season 3, I have a lot of hope that they will do great together. Bellamy has Clarke’s back and she has his.

Brittany: I think the foundation of the show is built around two relationships: Clarke and Bellamy, and Clarke and Abby. The 100 fires on all cylinders when those two relationships are put at the forefront, especially in regards to Bellamy and Clarke. They’re both incredibly stubborn, passionate people, with an unshakeable will to do whatever it takes to save the people they care about. The 100 is just stronger when they are paired together and working towards a common goal. If anyone can stop the end of the world, it’s them.

Samantha: I think they do, especially if they trust the people closest to them as well as each other. I couldn’t possibly say it any better than Brittany did, but The 100 works infinitely better when Clarke and Bellamy are on the same page, using their contrasting styles of thinking and leadership to find the best solution for their people.

Jay: They do, but definitely not alone. Clarke is going to have to put her self-destructive leadership aside and work with Bellamy to save the world. She can’t carry the world on her shoulders anymore; these two can’t do it alone either. With the help of their people, they can save the world. But at what cost?

Now that Roan is in on the secret that the Earth is being irradiated, what will happen when the Ice Nation finds out?

Yana: Wasn’t that the point of the exchange though? Roan was told about the Earth dying because they needed him to set them free, and as a show of good faith he was given the Flame. It sounds like he won’t be telling everyone else and he’s even keeping himself out of the crossfire by announcing that he’s waiting for a Nightblood, one that might take over and won’t put him at as much risk as all the other Commanders were. As an Ice Nation leader only, he’s probably less likely to get killed than if he was the Commander of all the clans.

Shadia: I think it’s going to be rocky one. If and when his people find out that he kept this secret from them, I feel like it won’t end well. Though I don’t think they will try to kill him.

Brittany: Roan is easily one of the most refreshing additions to the cast, may I just say? Especially shirtless. I mean, what? Who said that? More seriously, though, I think the moment Ice Nation finds out, all bets are off — war will come, and I strongly feel they’ll put all of the blame squarely on Skaikru. I also think they’ll challenge Roan’s position of power.

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Samantha: I think Ice Nation is going to need proof. The rest of Roan’s people have literally no reason to trust Clarke, and they barely have any reason to put their faith in him either: sure he’s the only one left in the line of succession, but he’s also been banished for years. I think that whenever they learn the truth they’ll give Roan the same ultimatum Echo gave him and he’ll have to go against Clarke or his people. Alternatively, Azgeda seems like the kind of clan that knows how to just take what they want, consequences be damned. It’s possible that they’re plan for survival might just be one-upping Clarke on whatever she and Skaikru come up with. 

Jay: Roan is going to play an important role in this season, and that isn’t necessarily as the leader of the Ice Nation. It’s only a matter of time before his people find out why he let Skaikru go, and they aren’t going to be happen to learn this secret has been kept from them.

Favorite relationship (hopefully) to be explored this season?

Yana: Monty and Harper. Having Monty in a relationship with a woman was already a huge step forward and I would like to see them get the treatment that Bryan/Miller got last season. We don’t know much about them together but that changes as they work together and figure out what kind of relationship they will have with the world possibly ending. I think they could be one of those bright light couples that keeps us smiling in between all the dark stuff?

Shadia: I’ll go with Kane and Abby for this one. They have great chemistry together, and they’ve been through a lot last season. I’m hoping in Season 4, we can see more of them together and being stronger together. I’m glad to see that Clarke also approves of their newfound relationship. 

Brittany: Kane and Abby. They’ve grown so much since the staunch antagonists of season 1. I still can’t believe the development both of them have gotten individually, as well as together — it’s just damn good storytelling. I’m really excited to see how they both handle the death sentence the Earth has been given. They’re both fighters in such different but complimentary ways, so the way they approach how to keep the peace while also looking for a way to save everyone will be really interesting. Plus, I find their love in each other to be one of the show’s rare rays of hope, so I want that to continue.

Samantha: It’s starting to sound like a broken record in here, but it’s absolutely Abby and Kane for me too. These two have so much history between them; through Seasons 1-3 we watched them shift from enemies to friends and now to lovers in the most gradual and organic execution of that trope that I’ve seen in a long time. As Brittany said, their love is one of the few bright rays of hope, it’s beautiful to watch and it gives such a heartening balance to the doom and gloom.

Jay: I’d actually like to see Clarke and Bellamy explore their relationship more, but not romantically. These two have been the self-appointed leaders of their people since they were sent to Earth, and given everything they’ve been through, how has that changed them individually and as a team? They’re in this together now, and the stark contrast between the characters isn’t as strong as in Season 1, but it remains, and it’ll be interesting to see that play out.

What is something you’d like to see take place this season?

Yana: The delinquents working together again, Ice Nation getting more scenes, the fairy grounder character whose name I forgot how to spell working with the Sky People in some way, and maybe a little more happiness than what we saw last season.

Shadia: The delinquents working in action, like always. I love their scenes together and I would like to see more of it this season and a lot more kickass moments. Also, I would like to see Jasper get better from his PTSD. He’s still suffering and I’m worried about him. Would like to see more happy moments as well, we need a little light in a show that is filled with darkness and hardships.

Brittany: Clarke to brush her hair. And, you know, more high stakes stuff, but the thing I’m tentatively excited to see is Octavia as the Skairipa. I hope she actually gets to talk to someone about Lincoln like Clarke got to about Lexa, because wow does Octavia have some baggage to unpack.

Samantha: We know from the trailer that Murphy ends up with Clarke, Abby, and Raven again, so I’m really hoping he and Emori join the science squad and aren’t just along for the ride. I’m really interested to see how those two play into and out of the different grounder/Skaikru factions as they’re the only people (besides maybe Jaha) who are untethered in a way and can play interestingly in or against either group.

Jay: I’d like to see some sort of peace between the Grounders and Skaikru. The tension there is overwhelming, and it hasn’t been resolved at all, whatsoever, in three seasons. At least an understanding should be made that the Sky People can live off on their own, free of the threat of the others. Something. Anything.


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