The 100’s Lexa Earned A Better Death

I just began The 100 about a week ago, and Lexa’s death in The 100 Season 3 Episode 7, “Thirteen,” was very bothersome.

Let me begin this by saying I’m not a huge supporter of Clarke and Lexa. I don’t mind their relationship. I think it was earned, but the sex scene before her death was most definitely not, in my honest opinion.

Perhaps going through the episodes all at once allowed me to detach myself from them as I haven’t grown particularly found of any characters other than Clarke and Abby.

But Lexa’s death was so… wrong. She fell to a stray bullet from her most trusted advisor after a rushed sex scene with Clarke, almost like the writers felt they owed that to the fans of the lesbian character they were about to kill off.

The 100 has been quite revolutionary with representation, and it still has issues, but it’s one of few shows that has a bisexual lead character. And who can forget Miller: the gay, black, main character, who has become a series regular for Season 4.

Some say Clarke was pushed into the background to further Lexa’s story in the first half of Season 3, but I disagree.

Clarke was trying to broker a deal with Lexa to keep her safe and had to stay in Polis to defend her people and their basic human rights, as every clan called for the death of Sky people.

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Lexa was forced to become a better leader, a different leader, and she tried to change to influence change in her people. She wanted peace; enough blood had been spilled.

If Lexa had died from her own actions, it would’ve been different.

Her actions caused every clan to call for her death, and she dueled the Ice Nation to prove her power as Heda. She killed the Ice Nation’s Queen, who dared to defy her and led the warpath for her reign as Commander.

But, no, Lexa died because she went to the wrong place at the wrong time. That bullet was meant for Clarke.

Titus killed Lexa of his own accord. No one’s actions caused this death except his own. He was angry that Clarke was trying to influence Lexa to be a better person, fearing it made the Commander look weak, but he was weak. Titus was too weak to recognize change. Blood must have blood, and he took the blood of his leader.

The actress was leaving for another show, Fear The Walking Dead, and there was really no other way to write Lexa off than to have her be killed, but the way it was done was so offensive and unnecessary. Adding her scene with Clarke was a gift to Clexa fans, but it was wrong.

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They were starting to grow on each other, yes, but in no way were the pair in the right place to be that intimate. I wish they would’ve had more time to develop that relationship, but it seemed like the writers just forced them together to please fans because of her upcoming death.

Unfortunately, the problem with representation does exist in Hollywood, and it’s a shame Lexa had to be killed off so Alycia Debnam-Carey could focus on her other show. Lexa was such a strong, independent character, but she was growing into something much more in her final episodes.

She was no longer standing by forced traditions that she’d had to enforce throughout her rule of the 12 clans. She was becoming a real leader, one who thought for herself, and made her own decisions that best supported her people.

Her death was so weak. Lexa earned a better, more fulfilling death.

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