Teen Wolf Review: Superposition (Season 6 Episode 2)

With Stiles now erased from everyone’s mind, Beacon Hills is slowly falling apart. Scott and the rest of the pack are going to have to work together to remember their friend.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 2, “Superpositiion,” is where Scott and the rest of the pack begin to feel that missing part deep inside of them.

Okay, I told myself that when this season started, I wouldn’t let the disappearance of Stiles Stilinski upset me. But, unfortunately, I let it get to me.

Stiles has never been my favorite character. I used to like him in the beginning seasons, but this last season made me change my views on him. Here’s hoping that this season can turn my feelings around.

The major plot twist in this episode is Claudia Stilinski. I know that Teen Wolf likes to throw us curveballs, but come on. Really? First off, how is Claudia alive when she died while Stiles was a child? I get it; Stiles is erased so technically he was never born. But, if you’re going to bring back Claudia then you have to get rid of other things.

If Stiles being erased changed the timeline, then that’s not the only thing that should be different. Scott wouldn’t be a werewolf, Malia would still be a coyote, Lydia never would’ve become a banshee, and Allison would still be alive. All of that happened because of Stiles.

Granted, Scott could’ve easily still been bitten by Peter, but not in the same way. Scott reflects on how he became a werewolf, by sneaking into the woods looking for the dead body, but why exactly was he out there all by himself? Well, he wasn’t. But if they are bringing Claudia back like Stiles was never born then that has to change. Doesn’t it?

Honestly, this confuses me, and it’s frustrating because if you’re going to change one thing, then you have to change another. You can’t just change one key aspect of the show, and everything else stays the same.

If this is the route that the show is going to go, then I expect a unique storyline that answers everything and doesn’t leave many little details hanging, like in previous seasons.

The Ghost Riders are already very intriguing to me. They’re creepy, fast, and can do whatever they want because nobody remembers them ever coming, at least that’s what they think. My favorite part about them is the fact that Corey is the only one who can watch them and be okay due to his ability to turn invisible.

I’ve liked Corey since he got introduced and he and Mason became a thing. Even when he was with Theo because let’s face it, he was only there because he was afraid of Theo. Not because he enjoyed doing those bad things.

Now that Corey is on the right side and he and Mason are official it looks like we’re going to get to see him be more involved, unlike like last season. He’s already getting a storyline upgrade; it was never announced that him turning invisible was like seeing another plane on the earth. Him being able to see the Ghost Riders and them see him was a subtle way to throw that in. And if you didn’t think about it, it was easy to miss it.

Corey may be the key to defeating the Ghost Riders.

With Scott, Malia, and Lydia now knowing the truth about somebody in their life missing I’m excited to see how it plays out and how they dive into figuring it out. This episode did a fantastic job at setting the season without Stiles.

Other Thoughts:

Scott: You have to want this because they’re going to keep coming at you. They’re going to keep knocking you down, and you have to get back up. You have to show them you can get back up.
  • Scott’s speech to Liam was the best part of this episode because it’s something that everyone should follow. That was obviously about Liam becoming the new leader of the lacrosse team, but it’s also more than that. Life is going to knock you on your ass time and time again, but you have to be robust enough to get back up and endure it.
  • Lydia’s mom thinking that Beacon Hills High School is a safe place from the supernatural is hilarious.
  • I’m not sure how much Stydia baiting I’ll be able to put up with this season. It’s so painfully obvious that the only reason this ship is happening is because it’s the very last season. Out of five (technically seven if you count the split seasons as two) seasons of this show, why now is it finally becoming a thing? Only to please the fans. That’s it.
  • I don’t like how they made Malia remember Stiles only as someone who used to chain her up. Stiles was so much more than that to her. He was her first love, he helped her learn how to be a human, and he helped her push her animal instincts down. He was her anchor, and now he’s gone.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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