Teen Wolf Review: Relics (Season 6 Episode 4)

Scott and the rest of the pack have to work together to keep the students safe from the Ghost Riders. But, Lydia has more important things to worry about. 

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 4, “Relics,” introduces a new ship that I never knew I needed and shows just how powerful the Ghost Riders are.

We are aware that the Ghost Riders take and erase everyone who can see them. But, that’s not necessarily true because they didn’t take anyone from the pack. Heck, they didn’t even take Chris, and he’s human. We know they’re not passing on them because they’re supernatural considering they take Peter.

So, why are the Ghost Riders leaving the pack behind? To torture them because they know they can’t truly save anyone? Is it just a game to them? 

If Parrish, a hell-hound, can’t take down one Ghost Rider then what can? It seems like the Ghost Riders are virtually invincible, but I know that isn’t true.

On top of having to deal with everyone in Beacon Hills being taken, the pack is still hot on the trail looking for Stiles. The Sheriff and Lydia know that something is going on, they can both feel it. Stiles’ signature weapon is the baseball bat; it’s also the object that made the Sheriff call out Stiles’ name. If Stiles wasn’t real, why would he be yelling his name?

The more this season progresses, the more I keep falling into the trap that MTV is setting up to make us, the viewers, fall in love with Stiles and Lydia together. I used to like them together, up until season four.  As much as I want to want them together, it just seems forced. Lydia isn’t the only one who can remember him because she loves him, it’s because she’s a banshee. If Lydia weren’t supernatural, she wouldn’t remember him.

The Sheriff is a different story; that’s Stiles’ father. Those two share such a deep bond together after growing up with just the two of them. The Sheriff remembering something of Stiles is not a shock. He should remember something about him. And, while we’re talking about deep bonds, Scott should be able to remember something as well. They are best friends, brothers. It would make way more sense to have the Sheriff and Scott remember him and nobody else.

As for Claudia, she’s still a mystery. Is she back from the dead or is she simply a mirage to distract everyone? The way she grabbed Lydia’s arm so defensively is a major tell that something is up. Claudia didn’t want Lydia messing with the wall for a reason; it wasn’t because of the wallpaper.

If the Ghost Riders can bring people back from the dead that would change the entire game. Beacon Hills could end up seeing some familiar faces, i.e. Boyd, Erica, and Allison if that is the case.

“Relics” is a favorable episode due to all of the Stiles paraphernalia, but not the best in my book.

Other Thoughts:

  • I’ve wanted the Sheriff and Melissa to be together since the beginning of season 1, but I’d be okay if she ended up with Chris. They make such a great pair together.
  • How does the school not know about the supernatural by now? Liam and Scott wolfed out in the middle of the lacrosse field. There have been too many instances in the town for people not to have caught on already.
  • For this to be the last season, it is a little upsetting that it’s not focused on Scott McCall. He is the main character of the show and deserves to be in the spotlight.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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