The Importance of Team on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

After a rocky start in Season 1, Legends of Tomorrow has started a descent into decent storytelling, yet there still seems to be too many characters to focus on. Even without Rip Hunter, who is destined to return eventually, the writing is too unfocused on the team as a whole rather than any individual character.

As much as we may love the team on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, the writing continues to show the flaws of Season 1 which was focused far too heavily on Rip and Kendra.

The season has been focused far too severely on one character in particular: Martin Stein. Do any of us really care about Stein outside of Firestorm? Not really. He’s a problematic old man who thinks he has the privilege of being the best on the team, when really, he’s not.

Ray can do just as much as he can with their intelligence levels, and Jax does all of the fighting for him. Why are we so focused on a character that doesn’t play an intricate role on the team?

Instead we should be focused on the others, particularly Sara and Amaya.

Sara, the badass White Canary, is the Captain of the Waverider now, yet she still seems to be a lesser character compared to the others. Not only is her experience far more than everyone else on the team, but given that Damien Darhk is one of the two big bads this season, she has a personal vendetta that’s running her story.

Amaya joined the team to avenge Rex Tyler’s death, one of her team members on the Justice Society of America. She is Vixen; the amulet she hold gives her the abilities of animals, and her fighting skills are almost evenly matched with Sara’s.

These two make an epic team when fighting together, as we saw when they traveled back to the Old West again, yet not enough focus is given to them because it’s all been about Stein in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

So, this begs the question: should the team be downsized in future seasons?

As much as we’re watching for the team, we’re also watching for the individual stories that go with each character. Yet those don’t happen. Kendra overruled Season 1 as Vandal Savage was her villain, while much of this season has been ruled by Martin Stein who thinks he knows everything there is to know about time travel, yet he caused an aberration on his own.

Give Sara, Amaya, and everyone else a proper story, and then get back to the original mission of the season: finding Rip.

It seems to be far easier for this series to work on proper character-building when they’re paired up. Put together more characters like the quick partnership of Ray and Mick for a longer duration of time, or focus on the only two females of the group once in a while.

The level of testosterone on this series is also a bit too much, so maybe adding another female character in the future would also greatly help the stories and even out the team a bit.

Legends of Tomorrow‘s midseason finale airs Thursday, December 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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