Sweet/Vicious Review: Sucker (Season 1 Episode 3)

Jules and Ophelia are going to have to work hard to make sure that the vigilante business doesn’t ruin their other relationships.

Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 3, “Sucker,” showcases Jules and Ophelia’s friendship and bond first and foremost. They’ve come a long way since Episode 1.

Jules and Ophelia’s bond is something that takes a hold on the both of them very quickly and only enhances. Jules doesn’t want to admit it in the beginning, but she’s happy to have someone on her side helping her do what she does. It makes it even better that it’s a witty, kick ass, tech savvy person like Ophelia.

Not only is Ophelia a valuable asset to their vigilante business, but she’s also valuable to Jules. Ophelia is the only one who knows what happened to Jules, but it doesn’t change the way she treats her. Jules really can tell that she cares when Ophelia drops everything to help tutor her, so she doesn’t flunk out.

Jules and Ophelia are meant to be in each other’s lives.

With Jules and Ophelia bonding more than ever and spending practically all of their time together, Harris feels like he’s being put on the back burner. So, to show Ophelia that he isn’t going to put up with it anymore he fires her. He’s fed up with her never putting him into consideration, and she finally realizes that afterward.

On the plus side, Harris babysitting Fiona and Gaby while on mushrooms ends up being a win for him. Not only is Fiona into him, but she’s also incredibly smart and helps him with his law paper. Fiona is the prime example of not judging a book by its cover. Fiona and Harris seem like they could be a good match for each other.

Speaking of relationships, Jules and Tyler might end up being okay after all. They have had a few rough patches – punching him in the throat and constantly leaving abruptly – but Tyler understands where Jules is coming from and agrees to go slow. I want to want them together so badly, but I know it’s going to blow up when the truth comes out.

The cops have now issued a warrant for Carter’s arrest, and Tyler knows he isn’t out snowboarding like Jules and Ophelia texted him. And even though the relationship might blow up, it’s a good step forward for Jules. Accepting that Tyler isn’t someone who wants to hurt Jules is a good thing. Ophelia and Tyler both are getting her to start opening up again, to start trusting people again.

Sweet/Vicious is a show that stands out from others not only because of the premise, but the way they go about it. This show opens the eyes of people who don’t understand what rape survivors go through on a daily basis. They embrace every little detail from self-guilt to recovering and learning how to move on.

Other Thoughts:

Jules: I can barely remember the girl that I was before I got raped and I just know that I miss her.
  • This quote is so important because it shows just how detrimental sexual assault is and how much it affects you.
  • Kennedy being totally oblivious to how Jules acts around Nate is starting to bug me. It’s very obvious that she cannot stand being around him and Kennedy just can’t see it.
  • Jules being able to kiss Tyler without getting flashbacks of Nate proves just how comfortable she’s becoming around him.
  • Showing Jesse what they did to Darren for assaulting her is the right step. It shows survivors that there are people out there on campus looking out for them. They don’t have the tools to know when someone is going to be assaulted, but they can make sure the abuser gets what they deserve.

Sweet/Vicious airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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