Sweet/Vicious Review: Back to Black (Season 1 Episode 8)

Jules and Ophelia must come to a mutual agreement on how things are running with the vigilante business. But, when they disagree things take quite a turn.

Jules and Ophelia’s friendship takes a blow on Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 8, “Back to Black.”

Jules and Ophelia have had fights before, but nothing like this. She has gone off the rails. She’s doing solo reckons without Ophelia, lying about going to support group, and getting worse every day. This is the exact reason why Ophelia calling her out is the right thing to do.

Nobody else besides Ophelia knows what’s happening with Jules. Heck, at this point not even Ophelia knows what’s going on with her because she continues to lie to her every day.

Jules is incredibly lucky that Ophelia was with her when she attacked Brady. Jules isn’t thinking correctly and would’ve regretted killing him. Does he deserve to get an ass whooping of a lifetime? Yes. Does he deserve to be beaten to death? Well, if we’re honest, yeah. But, Jules should not be the one to do that.

Ophelia only wants to see Jules get better. Her speech about getting better should be proof enough that she’s just trying to help. But Jules takes it another way and then ends up turning it back around on Ophelia. Jules knows she’s in the wrong for calling Ophelia a mistake.

To make matters even worse, she continues to ignore Tyler when all he’s trying to do is see if she’s okay. He cares about her more than she can obviously see.

Speaking of amazing boyfriends, Evan and Ophelia are too cute together. Jules may not approve of being girlfriend by day and vigilante by night, but Ophelia can handle it.

Evan loves Ophelia. I have no doubt in my mind that he is in love with her. He purposefully backs out of his job and has someone else cover for him so that he can go to some lame party that Ophelia thinks would be fun. When Ophelia says, her feet hurt too much to dance he even picks her up and takes her to a place to sit. How adorable!

Sweet/Vicious gives all the viewers out there serious boyfriend envy. Evan, Harris, and Tyler are all boyfriend goals. And then you have Nate.

Kennedy deserves better than Nate. Nate proves once again how disgusting he is by trying to prove to Kennedy, once again, that Jules is lying about the rape.

Not only does he deliberately lie about raping Jules, but he also only convinces Kennedy to go to the Bacchanal, so he doesn’t look like a loser that shows up with no girlfriend. Well, we know what happened last time he went to a party without a girlfriend.

Kennedy may have needed a speech from Ophelia to finally accept the reality of what her boyfriend did, but she sees the truth now. Kennedy’s reveal that she believes Jules is the only good thing to come from Ophelia and Jules’ fight.

At first, I thought that Kennedy was going to make it about her, so I was a little hesitant to be happy about it. But she immediately turned it back around to Jules and proclaimed her sincerest apologies.

The best thing to come from Kennedy? She’s going to help Jules get justice. My heart melted while watching this scene because this is something that Jules has needed for such a long time. She needed her best friend to be there for her and to be on her side.

“Back to Black” is everything that fans have wanted since the beginning of the season packed into one episode. With only two more episodes left it looks like the end of the season is going to be one wild ride.

Favorite Quotes:

  1. “You aren’t sweet, you’re vicious.” I see what you did there, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.
  2. “I wish I could fix you. I wish I could take away your pain and reverse everything that happened to you, but I can’t. But I can tell you that I’m scared, and I just want you to be better.” All Ophelia wants is for Jules to be okay and my emotions are everywhere.
  3. “Well, it’s high time that you grow some balls and do the right thing.” Ophelia calling Kennedy out is something that should’ve happened long ago.
  4. “You’re my person.” This gave me serious Grey’s Anatomy feels when Kennedy said this to Jules.

Other Thoughts:

  1. That cliffhanger with Harris and the projector is a sign that some sh** is going to go down next week.
  2. Tyler is getting closer and closer to finding out what happened to Carter, but he’s not going to like what he finds out.
  3. The scene with the used condom in Ophelia’s hair is comedy gold.
  4. When Jules drop kicked Brady in the face, I think I felt it as well.

Sweet/Vicious airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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