Sweet/Vicious: Top Moments from “Fearless” (Season 1 Episode 6)

Jules and Ophelia must hide their identities as the vigilanties when the campus gets put on lockdown. 

Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 6, “Fearless,” is a tear-jerking, throat clenching masterpiece. This show always pushes the limits and does justice for survivors everywhere. “Fearless” changes the game for everyone at Darlington and sets Jules and Ophelia on a new path that they never expected to be on.

Here are the top moments of “Fearless.”

Jules finally confronting Nate

I am going to admit right now, watching Jules finally call Nate out on the disgusting pig that he is had me in tears. Sad tears because I feel for Jules on a deep level, and happy tears because she’s finally standing up for herself.

Jules no longer has to pretend to be okay with Nate. No more hiding her emotions and having to look her abuser in the eye and pretend it’s okay. This is the strongest Jules has ever been. She’s broken and hollow inside, but she’s done giving Nate the power over her life.

Ophelia comforting Jules

Ophelia is Jules’ rock. She is her person, her other half. Ophelia is one of Jules’ brightest lights in her life right now. She is always there for the ups and downs; she has Jules’ back no matter what.

The moment that Jules finishes with Nate Ophelia is right there to console her. She knows how hard that was for her because she knows everything about Jules and cares for her deeply. Ophelia is amazed at Jules because she knows what she’s living with and how hard she works.

There is no doubt in my mind that going to Ophelia’s is the first thing that popped into Jules’ head. She knows without a doubt that Ophelia would take her in and help her through her hard times. She knows how lucky she is to have Ophelia.

Tyler being the gentleman we know him to be

A lot of people wouldn’t offer to work things out with their significant other if they thought they were cheating. Tyler has a slight suspicion that Jules has a secret crush with Nate, but still fights to keep her.

Tyler isn’t with Jules just to sleep with her, he truly loves her and wants to be with her. From day one he has done nothing but support, love, cherish, and respect her wishes. He wants to help her overcome whatever it is she’s going through. Tyler is the guy that we all wish we had in our lives.

I don’t blame Jules in the least bit for ending things with Tyler. She just finished doing one of the hardest things she’s ever done in her life, and she’s not ready to open up to him. Confronting your abuser and making it public knowledge to others are two entirely different things. I applaud Jules.

Jules confronting Kennedy

Okay, I had to include this in here simply for the fact that Jules finally tells Kennedy the truth. She finally gathers enough courage to tell her best friend that her boyfriend raped her. Here’s where it goes downhill; Kennedy doesn’t believe her.

Maybe it’s just me but if my best friend came over to my dorm room in a puddle of tears and told me that my boyfriend had raped her there’s no way that I wouldn’t believe her. The audacity Kennedy has to even remotely think Jules would lie about that is astounding. Yeah, she’s told lies about where she’s been, but lying about locations are not the same thing.

I hope that Kennedy finally see’s what a disgusting pig Nate is. I hope that Jules gets her revenge for him trying to convince Kennedy that he cheated with her.

“Fearless” is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but worth every second of watching. This show is truly doing wonders for people, and I hope that we get graced with a season 2.

Other Thoughts:

  1. The fact that the Dean fires Barton for doing his job is ridiculous. Barton might be investigating the vigilantes and putting Jules and Ophelia in danger, but it still upsets me.
  2. For a split second when Nate goes to talk to Kennedy I think he’s finally realized how much he’s screwed up. I am wrong. So, very, very wrong. Now, I hope that Nate gets what’s coming to him, whether it be from Jules or someone else.
  3. I hope that living with Ophelia Jules realizes that Tyler is such a good guy and that she needs to give him another chance.

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