Sweet/Vicious Review: Pure Heroine (Season 1 Episode 10)

As the end draws near, Jules and Ophelia put their final plan in motion to take Nate down and get the justice that Jules deserves. 

On Sweet/Vicious Season 1 Episode 10, “Pure Heroine,” is the cherry on top of a fantastic first season. It’s action packed, comedy filled, and ends with a big helping of justice.

Nate is the final target for Jules and Ophelia, and this time they aren’t working alone. Incorporating the entire campus is one of the smartest things that the girls have done. Nate knows that they’re coming after him, but doesn’t know when.

That sense of fear is something that he should have to live with for the rest of his life for what he’s done.

Nate thinks that he can take the vigilantes down with a horde of frat brothers, but he underestimates them. This fight scene is, by far, my favorite from the entire season. Two women taking down a pizza place full of raging frat boys is my official aesthetic.

A genuine icing on the cake, for me, is having Miles get involved. His entire scene with the vigilantes is pure gold. And even though he is drunk and stoned, he still gives them another clue on how to take Nate down for good.

Everyone should be like Miles. He and Nate have been friends since high school, but he doesn’t make excuses for the things Nate has done. He knows that rape is not something that can just be overlooked because someone is your friend.

Miles doesn’t let the fact that Nate is his best friend get in the way of the fact that he raped someone. Be like Miles.

And to end my thoughts on Nate, watching him go down in front of the entire school is such a sweet, cheerful, and amazing thing to watch. The truth is out there, everyone now knows he’s a rapist, and Jules has finally got her justice. Well, for full justice I would like to see Nate go to jail. Until next season.

We’ve all known that Evan is a good guy from day one. He treats Ophelia like the queen she is and has put up with everything. I do have my worries for a moment, though, when he starts becoming distant with Ophelia.

Ophelia brings over three different types of fries, and he can’t stay? Something is up. But, like always, he eases my fears after announcing the fact that he’s been checking up on a girl who was sexually assaulted to make sure she’s okay.

Some random girl he doesn’t even know, and he is checking up on her to make sure she doesn’t try to harm herself. He wants to make her feel less alone. I truly didn’t think that I could get any more jealous of fictional boyfriends, but here I am.

Evan and Tyler are the real definition of #BoyfriendGoals.

At the end of the episode, we see Kennedy taking an offer on an internship for “Yes, Girl” magazine, and it’s the best thing that could happen to her.

Kennedy needs to leave Darlington and clear her mind for a little while. She needs to take the time to mourn the loss of Nate. Yes, he is garbage all around, but he is her first love and having him gone from her life is something that she is going to have to get used to.

With Harris joining the vigilante team and Jules and Ophelia starting their website to fight back against sexual assault, they’re going to be super busy.

Super busy until the police are back on their case after finding Jules’ pink backpack at the crime scene. I mean, what a cliffhanger!

The ending to Season 1 of Sweet/Vicious is everything that I could’ve ever asked for and more.

Here’s to hoping we get a Season 2.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “You are a strong and beautiful woman, and nothing can break you unless you give it permission.” This may have been a pep-talk to Kennedy, but it needs to be something that everyone listens to.
  • “Oh, let’s have a f****** pizza party.” Ophelia is always bringing the comedy.
  • “The system is a joke.” Not only is this true in Sweet/Vicious, but it’s also true in actual life. The system is a pure joke.

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