The Potential Disaster of Superman on Supergirl

Supergirl‘s version of the Man of Steel was alluded to repeatedly throughout Season 1, but the writers never quite went all the way. We saw a faceless version of Superman on Supergirl. He was there to cheer Kara on and encourage her through emails, yet allowed her to hold her own as a hero.

On the Season 1 Finale, Supergirl found herself outnumbered and afraid as Non took his plans with Myriad to the next level. She didn’t know what to do, so she called in her cousin, Clark. But he fell prey to Myriad, too, as he was raised on Earth his entire life, unlike Kara.

While Kara’s familial relationship with Clark would be interesting to explore, having him around as his crime fighting alter-ego would almost be sure to overshadow. The Man of Steel is one of DC’s most iconic superheroes, so why take him from top grossing feature films and stick him back on TV?

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There’s plenty of other heroes that could join Kara; heroes that haven’t been explored in depth, or made as big of a name for themselves.

(Personally, having Black Canary join Supergirl in National City would’ve been one of my favorite things to watch. But now that dream is dead, along with Laurel Lance.)

The announcement that Superman will be joining Supergirl is both exciting and terrifying. Kara is still building her show and her identity. The last thing she needs is to be in the shadow of her cousin, both in the characters’ and the fans’ eyes.

If DC gives permission for Superman to join the DCTV universe, what or who else is next? Incorporating smaller heroes into their shows, such as Supergirl who is big, but not too big, is helping to bring attention and revenue toward new heroes that wouldn’t have made it otherwise.

If DCTV is overrun by big heroes, like Superman, Batman, or if The Flash appeared on every show in the DCTV universe, it starts to take attention from who the show is really about.

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Even though I may be against this choice, it’s happening, and my favorite fan cast so far is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Brett Dalton to play Clark Kent. Who’s yours?

Are you a fan of Superman on Supergirl? Let us know below! And be sure to check out the five major characters that will be added in the upcoming season here.

Supergirl returns this fall on The CW.

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