Superhero Fight Club 2.0: Supergirl’s Induction

Last year’s Superhero Fight Club excited fans for potential team-ups between the DCTV heroes that have taken over the CW Network. With Supergirl moving to join her fellow heroes, they needed to show the new potential possibilities for crossovers between the four shows.

Possibly to prep for the epic, four-way crossover events between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow later this year, the Superhero Fight Club 2.0 video was released to show the epic nature of these heroes and their potential.

Unfortunately missing from the last are Black Canary and Arsenal, but they’re replaced by Supergirl and White Canary to take on Cisco’s latest training toys.

There’s no doubt that if these heroes were put together permanently, they’d be nearly unstoppable, but let’s hope that Berlanti and his crew don’t overdo the crossover events.

With four shows and many heroes to crossover, it could easily become such a constant, and would take away from their respective universes. One of the best parts of these shows is that the hero can save the day themselves, usually, with the help of their respective team and fellow characters.

Legends of Tomorrow is already overrun with heroes that they begin to fade and lose their importance and the nature of winning and losing battles shifts. Supergirl has Superman coming onto the show in the form of the very handsome Tyler Hoechlin, and his presence alone is enough to overshadow Kara Danvers and her story. The Flash continues to lose itself with shifts in the timeline that the writers can’t seem to work out well enough to work as perfectly as the comics. And, alas, Arrow is a shell of the show it used to be. With a whole new team behind him, Oliver has lost half of the people that meant the most to him, and the show has drastically changed over five seasons. Where’s the Arrow from Season 1 we all knew and loved?

Nonetheless, take a look at the epic video below, and prepare for new seasons of your favorite DC shows!

The Flash premieres tonight, October 4!

Arrow premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5!

Supergirl premieres Monday, October 10.

And Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, October 13, all at 8/7c.

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