‘Supergirl’ Writers: Don’t Shy Away from Exploring Kara’s Sexuality

As with any CW series, there’s a fictional relationship that drives fans crazy whether it’s canon or not. Yet, like every other CW series, Supergirl is choosing to ignore the fans completely, which is good in some cases, but not this one.

The Supergirl writers have an interesting opportunity in front of them. Fans of the show have come together in strong support of Kara and Lena, or “SuperCorp,” and their friendship (and whatever may lay beyond that romantically). It’s really reminiscent of Clarke and Lexa, or “Clexa,” from The 100 and the support those two received, which was completely mishandled by the writers of that series. Don’t screw this up, Supergirl.

The Opportunity with Kara’s Sexuality

First of all, I should say that while I’m not necessarily a fan of Lena and Kara being paired as anything more than friends (and don’t get me started on Mon-El and his trash behavior), I am all for representation on television and this is such a unique opportunity for it. Kara’s sexuality may appear to be canonically heterosexual since it’s never really been addressed, but that’s more of a reason to explore it.

Kara is an alien from another planet, which means that she doesn’t have the same, for lack of a better word, guidelines, or pre-conceived notions about something as crucial as sexuality. She didn’t grow up on Earth hearing about hate crimes or what would happen to a child if they came out and their parents didn’t accept them, as Maggie Sawyer’s didn’t. We don’t know what sexuality was like on Krypton, and the writers could explore that by having Kara paired with a man and a woman to showcase the fluidity of sexuality on Krypton.

For kids growing up watching Supergirl, it could either help them embrace themselves when the time comes, or it could show them that, if ‘this awesome superhero Supergirl is allowed to kiss girls and boys’ then it isn’t wrong and they should be just as accepting as everyone is of Kara and Alex. For teenagers and adults, it could help some accept their sexuality and give them a beacon of hope (as so many shows have done), or it could give them someone to look up to in every sense of the phrase. I mean, how many LGBT+ superheroes are there, much less on television?

Some would say the biggest argument against Kara’s sexuality being anything but heterosexual would be Alex’s sexuality being a key factor of her character. “If there’s already one woman being with other women, why should another?” All I would say to that is, “If there’s already one heterosexual relationship on the show, why show another?” Jokes aside, Kara’s sexuality wouldn’t impact the show (much) because it’s not like much of the focus is on relationships. Usually relationships will have one episode where it’s really showcased and then it’s just little moments throughout other episodes. It wouldn’t take away from the importance of Supergirl or Kara’s career.


Just as fans are thirsty for Lena and Kara content in every episode, writers are just as thirsty trying to keep their viewers around to be renewed. Even if Kara weren’t to end up with Lena at all, Kara’s sexuality being explored would bring in fans who are trying to find themselves in a superhero, and it would bring in others who want to appreciate a LGBT hero or representation in general.

The popularity of SuperCorp is undeniable as the New York Times just listed the fictional couple as one of the top ‘ships talked about on Tumblr. Check out that article here.

So, by developing this part of Kara, both sides would be happy and Supergirl may stick around for quite a bit longer.


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What do you think? Should Kara’s sexuality be addressed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “‘Supergirl’ Writers: Don’t Shy Away from Exploring Kara’s Sexuality

  1. I would be all for the show exploring Kara’s sexuality IF it wasn’t for the fact that it would be appeasing to the “fans” shipping Supercorp. As much as I hate to be petty like this: they don’t deserve it. With the amount of hatred and bullying they’ve been spreading this past year, with both guest stars and main actors on the show having had to speak up about it, I don’t want this group to get any kind of positive reinforcement.

    That being said, personally I think (headcanon) Kara’s sexuality cannot be described with any of our human terms. Maybe pansexual would be the closest. But like I said, I don’t want them to explore that unless Lena is off the show.

    1. I agree with you, many people who call themselves fans were offensive and disrespectful. But they don’t represent all fans, it’s just a small portion that doesn’t know how to differentiate fiction from reality.
      I think it’s wrong to limit the exploration of Supergirl’s sexuality, taking the argument “just not to appease some fans who have crossed the line”. Especially because the writers, producers and directors themselves created the SuperCorp ship, indirectly. When they decided to draw parallels between Kara&Lena and Clark&Lois, they created a great opportunity to explore the different aspects of Supergirl’s life, including having a romance with her cousin’s enemy sister.

      1. That’s why I say wait with a possible exploration of her sexuality UNTIL Lena is gone. Lena doesn’t need to have any part of it.

        By that argument, you could say writers create any ship canon or not. Yet most show’s writers don’t have to deal with the behaviour from Supercorp shippers. Don’t put the blame on the people telling the story. Fans have taken things out of context and that’s on them and them only.

        And as for the parallels, they were there with James, Mon-El, hell even with regular National City citizens so I wouldn’t put too much meaning in those.

  2. If they wouldn’t make it SuperCorp.

    I’d really rather Kara and Alex. They’re no more related than Barry and Iris. Can’t be since they were born on two different planets. Which means there’s also no real legal ties to them. Even if they weren’t hiding the fact that Superman is her cousin, pretty sure there’s no law allowing for humans to adopt aliens. The proof of that is in season 2, episode 3 where the President (herself an alien) was giving amnesty to aliens. Anything allowing Kara to be fostered or adopted would have to have been made up – birth certificate, information about what happened to her parents, etc.

  3. I was never a fan of the Mon-El relationship, mostly because it was driven by plot rather than character, but it’s worth noting that for years Kara has had to ‘be’ human. No one in her life can truly understand where she came from. Even as Supergirl, no one really thinks of her as alien – she just looks too human, and Superman was always very human too. Mon-El was the first person in her life who knew all these different parts of her and could (potentially) understand who she was. Alex and James and Lena all know parts of Kara, but not the whole of her.

    I’d love to see more of alien-Kara. Kara who isn’t ‘gay’, exactly, but isn’t exactly straight either. Maybe sex is mostly fun, but also really weird, and she’d much rather have pot stickers anyway.

    What would be really cool is a Supergirl / Batgirl romance, crime-fighting duo and on-off lovers…

    But ultimately it depends on whether Melissa is willing and able to embrace the role.

    1. yeah, a Supergirl and Batgirl intimate friendship would make the most sense and be fun to watch. I don’t doubt that Melissa would be open to it aside from the complication of her onscreen romance mirroring her offscreen one……

  4. I think the reason why Alex’s storyline makes Kara not being heterosexual not make sense is less because of “why have two gay characters?” and more because if Kara was bisexual then why, when Alex was freaking out about being a lesbian didn’t Kara say, “Hey, I’m attracted to girls sometimes too”?

    As for SuperCorp, not a fan, and the mindset it represents (in my opinion) makes me dislike it more. To me it represents a mindset of “Two characters can’t POSSIBLY be close friends without being romantically involved” which really cheapens the friendship between two characters.

    1. I think people like them together because it’s a Luthor. If they had brought in a male Luthor instead, I’m pretty sure everyone would be all over that (though them being two girls probably makes that even more so).

      Also, it’s not uncommon for someone who likes women, to have someone come out to them, and not come out themselves, but I get what you mean.

  5. Honestly kara always acts so sapphic with the other women on the show…especially Lena. And a Super and a Luthor would make quite a compelling story!

  6. idk why people are so against supercorp. the chemistry is amazing and it would be iconic. also, so many parallels with clark/lois already.

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