Should ‘Supergirl’ Seek Superman’s Assistance with the Worldkillers?

Much of Supergirl has been about establishing Kara Danvers as a hero in her own right, and as a hero the people of National City can count on.

Before even introducing Superman as a recognizable character, we saw Kara fight to prove she didn’t need her cousin to come save the day for her. It’s safe to say Kara’s proven to everyone she’s just as capable, if not more so, than Superman. So would it be a mistake to bring in Superman to be at Kara’s side during the Worldkiller fight?

It’s the Right Time for Superman’s Help

Supergirl no longer has to worry about Clark Kent overshadowing the Girl of Steel because they’ve proven Kara is the superior hero. On season 2 episode 22, while Clark was under Rhea’s control, Kara beat Clark in battle, proving she’s stronger and willing to do whatever it takes to stop whatever is rampaging the city, even if it’s her cousin. Likewise, Kara’s saved the world twice: Once from Non and the Myriad fiasco that threatened to literally make everyone’s heads explode, and again when Rhea brought on the Daxamite invasion and threatened human beings with annihilation or slavery.

While Superman shouldn’t always have to help Kara, and he doesn’t, the Worldkiller situation is more worrisome. There are three Worldkillers and only one Supergirl, and she’s already lost in a one-on-one fight with Reign. Realistically, Clark would show up to ask Kara if she needed any help with this threat because it’s getting to be out of her control, and why shouldn’t he help? Clark and Kara are the two most powerful Kryptonians left in the universe, and the Worldkillers are from some sort of Kryptonian descent, so there has to be a way for their powers to stop them. And, honestly, if Superman saw anyone destroying the world he’s been protecting for so many years, it’s doubtful he’d just sit back and leave it in the hands of anyone else, even Kara.

Instead of bringing in Superman to save the day, the writers should bring him in as Kara’s ally and helper as she prepares to fight in this battle where she’s completely outnumbered and outgunned. We’ve seen the two work together before on something much less threatening than the Worldkillers, and if Kara’s heroics aren’t diminished when she’s working with the Green Arrow or Flash, it should be the same when her cousin is helping her save the world from aliens literally named the Worldkillers.

What About the Legion of Superheroes?

Obviously the Legion of Superheroes (Mon-El, Imra and Brainy) are helping Kara and the DEO fight the Worldkiller threat, but they’re proving rather ineffective. Not once have they been useful during a fight with Reign or Purity, and it’s only going to get worse from here. Also, again, Superman and Supergirl are Kryptonians. This threat began on the planet of Krypton and there’s mythological lore from Krypton that surrounds the Worldkillers, so it seems unlikely that anyone other than a Kryptonian could stop this.

You may think, well, if they’re all Kryptonian, shouldn’t someone from another planet be better suited for this fight? However, Reign’s powers are even greater than Supergirl’s, and Kara’s strength is much more than Mon-El’s, as we’ve seen. Also, the Legion needs rings to be able to fly, so it’s clear that being on the same level as even Kara and Superman’s powers is more than the Legion can do.

Superman also has experience with taking out some of the deadliest threats on Earth-38. He’s stopped Lex Luthor, General Zod and many more villains, and Kara’s been able to stop even some of Clark’s deadliest villains. There’s no pair better for taking on this threat than Kara and Clark, and it’s time for the writers to see that bringing Superman onboard to help Kara with a threat is much different from bringing him in to save the day for her. Sometimes, a superhero can need a little bit of help, as we’ve seen with the Arrow-verse crossovers, so why can’t Kara get assistance from her cousin?


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