‘Supergirl’ Season 4 Preview: Life Is Better Than Ever

When Supergirl Season 4 Episode 1 premieres, Kara is high on life. She’s embracing her identities as Supergirl and Kara Danvers, and, for once, Kara’s life is exactly how she wants it.

Here at The TV Type, we had the opportunity to watch an early screening of the Supergirl premiere episode. One thing I’ve had to tell myself, too many times to count, going into Supergirl Season 4 is to give the show a fresh start. This is the first season without the input of Andrew Kreisberg who, let’s face it, dragged the female hero down with his misogynistic and predatory behavior.

Fear is the theme of the season, as you can tell by the trailer below. Agent Liberty preaches about why aliens are bad for humankind, which is going to be his main story as he will probably attempt to eradicate Earth of the “alien scum” that is infecting it. (It’s obviously just the Supergirl writers’ way of taking on Trump in their world since they have the badass Lynda Carter playing their President of the United States. Ah, they’re so lucky.)

What’s Happening When the Story Begins?

Supergirl Season 4 begins with Kara getting a hefty amount of praise as Superman is (semi-spoiler) off-world. (Which, we can probably assume is a lead-in to the “Elseworlds” crossover coming this December.) She’s free from the burden of Reign and the worldkillers, and the loss of Mon-El is no longer weighing on her. Honestly, Kara doesn’t even mention Mon-El in the episode (though someone else does) and it’s freeing. Kara is free of the abusive piece of trash who has controlled her life, albeit unknowingly at times, for the last two years.

Alex Danvers is the newly appointed Director of the DEO and she’s taken to her position nicely. Season 4 picks up a few months after the finale, so everything has had time to move past the beginning stages and into the dramatic yet fun, ‘I’m figuring out my life’ moments. Alex is also moving on with her life in more ways than one, and there’s one story from last season that isn’t mentioned and we hope it’s been dropped for quite a while, honestly.

As promised by the cast and crew, James is dealing with a looming indictment over his vigilante life as Guardian, though the outcome of that is probably going to surprise fans. Whether or not you like James, he seems to be getting a bit more focus (finally) and will have his own stories to deal with this season. J’onn, however, is stepping into civilian life and inserting himself in a new group of people, hopefully to give his life aim and cause without the DEO being involved in his every decision. There is some tension between J’onn and Kara as well; it’s addressed in the episode, however.

Finally, Lena has reconnected with someone from her past, though it doesn’t look like it’ll last. Lena’s project with Eve from the final moments of the Season 3 finale is not mentioned in anything more than a passing comment, so it’s going to be a while to see what she’s up to. Things are still tense with Supergirl, but Lena and Kara have a few shared scenes together; however, don’t get your hopes up because there are other characters present for each of these scenes.

Honorable Mention: Nia Nall

Don’t expect too much from Nia in this episode. There’s a very nice reversal of roles for Kara in this episode and going forward, and two characters don’t fail to address this. Kara is going to be mentoring Nia; so far, Nia has only shared scenes with Kara (if you don’t count a group scene that gives us a little more insight on who she is). Nicole Maines fits in well with the cast, so it’ll be exciting to see her become intertwined with other characters, particularly James and Lena. Nia has a lot to offer.

How Does It Fare?

This episode would probably receive an 8 out of 10. There are a few issues — nothing substantial — but, for the most part, this episode (and season so far) are worthy of being received by a clear mind. Let Supergirl Season 2 and 3 slip out of your mind before watching this and you’ll love it. Kara is finally stepping up to be the character we’ve wanted since her promotion in Season 2, and everyone has new roles (or is actually being explored in their roles) and it’s exciting! Hopefully this season shapes up to be even better than Season 1.


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