Supergirl Review: Far from the Tree (Season 3 Episode 3)

It’s Father’s Day in National City… oh wait, no it’s not. But that doesn’t mean the residents of National City aren’t experiencing their fair share of daddy issues.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 3, “Far from the Tree,” Eliza returns to throw Alex and Maggie a wedding shower with their closest friends and family, causing Maggie to relive painful moments from her past.

The Sawyers

Poor Maggie. The racial issues aside (which I’m in no way excusing) of Floriana Lima being a non-white looking white actress playing a Latina woman, the story of this episode is so important and one of my favorites involving a LGBT character.

Far too often, we see a LGBT character who is thrown out by their family, made to feel terrible, and left to fend for themselves eventually accepted by their family for who they are with a deep, heartfelt apology and tears of love and sorrow. That’s great and all, and I’m sure it does happen, but realistically, we need to see more stories about LGBT people who are thrown out and disowned by their “family” who don’t get the happy ending with their relatives.

Going into this episode, I was quite skeptical of how the writers were going to drive this story, and as soon as I saw Maggie’s father get off the bus without her mother, I knew this reunion was doomed. It’s hard to open yourself to heartbreak, but Maggie did and she didn’t get the happy ending we see so often in movies and television. Maggie got a happy ending of her own; she got the closure she needed to be completely proud of herself and to stop being the little girl whose father kicked her out and dropped her off at her aunt’s.

Maggie’s father is terrible, but it really shows how she ended up where she was when we met her in Season 2. Knowing her relationship with Alex is potentially doomed, the thought she found solace in her relationship and the friends she’s made in National City is quite heartbreaking because, more than likely, Maggie is going to lose Alex and the friends she’s made through this relationship.

It’s quite awful of the writers to be continuing this relationship, and hyping up the wedding they’re planning, knowing Floriana has stepped down and won’t be as involved as in Season 2. They’re purely using this relationship for ratings or they would have had Maggie refuse Alex’s proposal and had the two break up during the off-season. Instead, they’re teasing the fans and waving something in their face they won’t ever get.

The J’onnzes

This episode really wasn’t that strong, especially for only the third of the season, but J’onn reuniting with his father was quite wonderful. The trip to Mars was a bit much, but seeing J’onn’s favorite memory was heartbreaking.

It’s unfortunate we won’t ever see what his life on Mars was actually like or see how happy he was to be with his family ever. With his father back though, and no longer holding the stress of being the last green martian, maybe J’onn can finally move on and grieve for his family and find himself happy on Earth. J’onn still holds the burden of losing everyone on his shoulders, and he has to let that go or he’s never going to be happy in his life. His family would want him to be happy, right?

It’s a strange combination to have J’onn and Maggie be the stars of the episode, but it worked because both have lost those they considered family in different ways and found it with their friends on Earth. Supergirl has a lot of issues, but one thing I’ll always be happy with on this series is that they don’t go out of their way to show that friends can be your chosen (and only) family, but it’s just normalized and understood.


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3 comments on “Supergirl Review: Far from the Tree (Season 3 Episode 3)

  1. This was a really great and well-articulated review, though I have to ask: what were your feelings on Maggie’s father’s statements about building the wall? I found this to be a strange world-building to add in the world of Supergirl. It’s interesting that Supergirl was trying to be political, but I felt that the attempt fell flat because of how they established President Lynda Carter in season 2, and also with the fact that Maggie and her father were both played by non-Mexicans.

    • It’s hard to address that when it being present in the episode doesn’t make sense. With the President in this reality, they don’t have to worry about that, but I think it was more of like President Marsden is their Hillary Clinton. Kara made a comment last season, like, “I can’t believe people voted for that other guy.” which I think was supposed to represent Trump. But then we come to the fact that the actors who play these characters aren’t Latinx and it’s just a mess. It’s hard to discuss that when there’s so many problems with it, so I wanted to focus on the positives of the episode mainly.

  2. Have you noticed that Flo has never said she was leaving, only that she’d be happy to come back and continue playing Maggie when asked? Sounds to me like the EPs are the ones who didn’t want things to continue since her she was only given a one year contract with no plans beyond S2 as confirmed by Chyler. IMO, it was the EPs choice to write her out so Alex could hook-up with Sarah in the crossover as a sweeps ratings stunt and then continue on with the silly Alex is despirate for a kid storyline which is far from “modern”. It is a lesbian cliched story that’s been told over and over and over again. Modern would be a couple working through things and not breaking up. Anyway, Floriana rocked this episode and proved that MaggieMatters and her stories are just as important (or more so) than Alex’s. She’s an amazingly strong women and is a SuperGirl in her own right.

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