Supergirl Review: Make It Reign (Season 3 Episode 22)

Stranded on Argo City, Kara, Alura, and Mon-El attempt to find a way back to Earth, or at least a way to warn their friends at the DEO that danger is coming. Meanwhile, Sam’s condition worsens.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 22, “Make It Reign,” the three sisters attempt to revive Reign from her dormant state as their plan to turn Earth into the next Krypton goes into effect. Elsewhere, as Reign gets stronger, Sam gets weaker, and time is almost up for Sam to make her final recovery and escape from the Worldkiller mess. Will death be her future?

Argo City

It’s implausible, though not surprising, that instead of helping find a way to fix the portal (which she was familiar with from years in her father’s laboratory with him, learning), Kara just stands in the background of her father’s lab discussing Mon-El and what a “great” man he is with her mother. Again, in order to make Mon-El the dignified hero, Kara was torn down. When will this constant pattern end? No matter what you may think of Kara and Mn-El together, there’s no denying how often Kara’s abilities are belittled to make this average, white man the shining star of Supergirl. Instead of, you know, developing their lead and making creative and, frankly, good decisions that make Kara shine as a hero, everything is about Mon-El. Even Kara’s reunion with her once-dead mother took the sidelines to Kara’s ever-growing attraction to Mon-El and the potential rekindling of their romantic relationship.

As for Kara’s reconnecting with her mother, I literally could not care less. The chemistry between Melissa and Erica is basically non-existent, plus we haven’t seen a reaction worth watching to Kara getting another chance with her mother. Even in Supergirl Season 1, the reunion of Kara and Astra, even though it wasn’t a very touching one, was more emotional, thought out, and gut-wrenching than with Alura. Perhaps it’s the fault of the writing, the chemistry, or just a lack of direction for these final episodes of Season 3.

Hopefully, Argo City will just be part of the past as the series progresses because the destruction of Krypton is part of what makes Supergirl and Superman so special. They’re supposed to be the last two survivors of a dead planet, and every Kryptonian gets the same powers as them when they’re exposed to the yellow sun, so the uniqueness and speciality of the Man and Girl of Steel disappears when they’re surrounded by other aliens with the same exact alien traits as them.

Reign’s Grasp on Sam

Poor Sam. She’s not going to get out of this Worldkiller mess alive, is she? It’s heartbreaking to see the struggles and emotional turmoil she’s being put through because of this alien invader in her body that has all but taken her life completely. Sam is a strong, determined person, and if Supergirl loses her, it’s going to be a big blow. Sam has been the one shining light through a season of instability and uncertainty behind the scenes, and Odette is one of the best, if not the best, actress on this show currently. Supergirl without Samantha Arias isn’t going to feel the same as before; her absence will always be quite noticeable if she’s written off in the finale.

Alex Danvers

Alex needs to be in charge of the DEO. I’m speaking it into existence. The best Alex Danvers moments come from the times she’s put in charge of the DEO and has to take on the villain without J’onn to take charge and designate her actions. Like, who else without powers would take on three Kryptonians? Alex Danvers doesn’t get enough credit for how amazingly badass she is, and this entire parenting storyllne has to go because it’s taking away from Alex’s development and her usefulness to the show.

Without Ruby, Alex actually shined in this episode, and while a family may be important to Alex, much more investigation needs to be done into how this would affect her character, her life, and her career. Could Alex handle being a mother? It seems unrealistic, especially considering we know she eventually has to take over the DEO because she’s the best agent they have and J’onn isn’t going to stay there forever.


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