Supergirl Review: Not Kansas (Season 3 Episode 21)

After discovering her mother and a small portion of Argo City survived the destruction of Krypton, Kara leaves Earth to spend some quality time with her mother. However, once she arrives, strange things start to happen to Kara Zor-El causing her to feel like an outsider in this life, too.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21, “Not Kansas,” Kara and Mon-El struggle to figure out what’s happening in Argo City, while the DEO deals with high-tech weaponry hitting the streets of National City. Was J’onn’s final call the right one, though?

Neither Here Nor There

Kara’s frustration with her double identity has always been a cause of conflict for the Girl of Steel, and this instance is no different. No longer having to pretend to be Kara Danvers, a human, and putting all of her alien heritage into Supergirl, Kara is free to be Kara Zor-El, but what does that even mean? Is it realistic to expect to step into the life you were forced to leave behind as a teenager?

Kara, and viewers, certainly notice a shift in her interacts with these people. Even with her mother, Kara is different and unable to step back into her role as Alura’s daughter from the House of El. Too much time has passed. Honestly, it’s unlikely Kara will ever be able to fit into any role in her life exactly how she wants. She’s going to have to come to terms with the fact that Kara Danvers and Supergirl are both parts of her that she can’t ignore or obliterate. Kara’s time on Earth has changed who she is and how she thinks; like Alura pointed out, on Earth, Kara was raised as a warrior because of her powers and the judgment she faced on Earth if her alien heritage were ever made public. There’s no way to take back the last decade of Kara’s life and the struggles, hardships, and sacrifices she’s had to make in order to fit in with the humans on Earth and create a new life for herself after losing everything she once held dear.

Hopefully, after this experiment on Argo City, Kara realizes her place is on Earth and she can manage the struggle of balancing Kara Danvers with Supergirl. We’ve seen very little of Kara Danvers this season, especially at CatCo, and I really miss watching her navigate the rocky waters of being a reporter and a superhero. In general, we’ve seen very little of Kara’s work life since the move to The CW, and that needs to change as Supergirl heads into a fourth season.

Gun Vs. Man

While the automatic weapon matter is something that definitely and desperately needs to be discussed, I’m not sure Supergirl went about it in the right way. More specifically, I’m not sure the outcome was handled correctly. Yes, give a mentally unstable, white man another chance after he’s tried to kill people, how is that any better from what is going on in the real world? Also, was it really the right call to get rid of military weapons in the DEO? These agents are fighting aliens with capabilities far beyond their own, strength that could easily break them in half, and powers that are unmatched by any human’s mere talents. Sometimes (not always), having a weapon that can cause harm is the best option if you’re a part of a clandestine organization operating for the government in order to save human lives from alien invaders.

While I agree that no military weapons (or any, for that matter) should be on the streets, it seems a bit ridiculous for this shift at the DEO.


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