Supergirl Review: Shelter from the Storm (Season 3 Episode 18)

After absorbing the powers of the other Worldkillers, Reign sets her sights on Ruby to finish destroying Samantha Arias, which is the only piece holding her back from total power.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 18, “Shelter from the Storm,” Ruby’s life is in danger as Reign begins hunting her, while Kara still struggles to understand Lena’s point of view on this entire fiasco. Meanwhile, the Legion returns to the future… until Brainy’s calculations prove that Supergirl and her team “need” just one of the Legion members to exponentially increase their odds of defeating Reign. Why couldn’t it have been Imra?

It’s Ruby Season

I don’t think there’s a game license for hunting small people. Hiding Ruby at Lex’s invisible mansion was surely a smart move on Lena’s part, but, of course, that little bitch Ruby ruined it by stepping out-of-bounds and calling her mother’s phone. Honestly, if it weren’t for how much I love Samantha Arias, I would have been encouraging Reign to kill Ruby because she’s unbearable. I hate how much the writing has changed—especially with Alex—and Ruby is the device used to do so. It’s so obvious Alex’s relationship with Ruby comes from her recent revelation she wants to be a mother some day, and the writers aren’t missing an opportunity to push Alex and Ruby together.

It’s terrible to see how Reign has completely destroyed Sam’s life, especially in regards to her family. Now that Ruby knows Reign is partially her mother—no one could expect her to understand the molecular structure of it all—their relationship will never be quite the same. I expect Ruby to shun her mother for all of the terrible events caused by Reign, if we do get to see Sam again. Knowing Supergirl, my theory is still this: Sam will destroy Reign from the inside, causing both of them to die, and Ruby will be adopted by Alex and she’ll be sticking around next season as Alex balances “motherhood” with her career. With Patricia dead, there’s no one left in Sam’s life other than her friends and Ruby, so there doesn’t really seem to be any other options for how this could play out.

Luthor vs. Super

This battle and distrust of one another stands out sorely because it doesn’t make sense. Lena and Supergirl have always had a mature, respectful relationship, and Kara has believed in Lena even in the worst of times. Yes, Lena was using kryptonite to keep one of the most dangerous Kryptonian beings ever to walk the Earth at bay, but the DEO also has a secret stash of kryptonite, kryptonite-lined rooms, and weapons that solely work off of kryptonite in case they ever needed to fight Superman or Supergirl. If Kara was able to get over that, she should be able to trust her best friend—who has always proven herself to be better than her brother—with the substance.

Lena and Kara’s relationship has always been about so much more than their family history, and it’s disheartening to see how the writers are using Kara to alienate and dehumanize Lena. Kara has always seen the best in Lena, even when the two first met, and their relationship has just grown from the first time Kara and Clark walked into her office. Lena is supposed to be Kara’s best friend, the person she trusts more than anyone else, yet at the first sign of something harmful to Kara, she completely drops that? I don’t blame Lena for calling out Kara on having a god complex; Kara’s powers are like kryptonite to human beings because she could so easily kill each and every human, which everyone deals with on a daily basis. There’s one substance on Earth that can harm Supergirl, and it’s not even being used against her, and she’s losing her shit. Kara cannot cope with any weakness, or even the possibility for weakness. Kryptonite is the one substance that can possibly be used against the Worldkiller, so if she really wanted to save the world, she would accept this fact and be thankful there’s someone who can create the substance instead of just seeking it out.

The battle between the House of El and Luthor family is so tired. Yes, it’s a substantial part of their comic book history, but it’s not necessary on Supergirl. There are enough problems for Lena without her best friend turning against her, and Kara needs people in her life who support her as Kara Danvers, too, and she’s not really receiving that support from anyone this season (due to the fact that she’s been Kara Danvers, a reporter at CatCo, for all of five minutes over 18 episodes). Lena’s said herself that Kara Danvers is her hero. We need more of that.


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