Supergirl Review: Trinity (Season 3 Episode 17)

The Worldkillers have finally been united, and their plan to destroy Earth begins with an eclipse that threatens to lower the temperature and take away Supergirl’s powers for good.

On Supergirl Season 3 Episode 17, “Trinity,” Kara is taken aback after learning Lena was hiding such a huge secret about Sam and kryptonite from her, while Sam struggles to stay alive in the Kryptonian valley she’s been trapped in.

Kara’s Complete Character Regression

Alright, which one of the writers had the brilliant idea for Kara to completely turn on Lena after the progression of their friendship and accuse her of being just like her Luthor relatives that have threatened her family? Kara was Lena’s biggest supporter during Supergirl Season 2 when the two had barely become friends and Lena was thrown in prison for something she didn’t do, she talked James down from his grudge against Lena for his last name, yet when Lena is doing everything in her power to help save one of her (and Kara’s) best friends, she’s suddenly evil? Kara has the audacity to call Lena Luthor her best friend, but the first time things look sketchy and Lena keeps a secret from her, she’s suddenly accusing her of being just like Lex?

Lena: You don’t like secrets?
Kara: No, I don’t.
Lena: Good. What’s your real name?

Everything Lena did to help Sam was purely out of the goodness in her heart, and being accused of being just like Lex and Lillian for standing up for a friend and trying to help save her life is how she’s repaid? There’s no doubt in my mind that Lena will inevitably turn evil because every single person in her life expects the worst from her because of her family. If Kara is even so quick to turn on her best friend, everyone else will in half the time. It’s unbelievable how terribly Kara treated Lena during this episode, and how her trust in Lena faded so quickly. It says much about Kara as a character and how she’s been affected by what has happened in her life, and the way Kara is headed is not where she should be. Kara is supposed to see the best in everyone; she managed to see a different side to the Worldkillers relatively easily, but apparently it’s much easier to see the best in strangers than in the people you care most about. As a Kara Danvers fan, I’m very disappointed in how much her character changed and regressed in this single episode.

Honestly, who thought of this entire plot? Do they have a brain? Or eyes?

The Worldkillers

The ending of Purity and Pestilence was a bit underwhelming. We were promised three unstoppable Worldkillers that would plague humanity, yet the episode after they’re finally united and embracing their full powers, two are killed. While it’s great to see that Julia was able to break free and kill Pestilence, it’s heartbreaking that’s how her story ended and she didn’t receive a happy ending, but it’s more confusing as to how she was able to utilize Purity’s powers. We’ve seen with Sam and Reign that their powers aren’t intertwined; Sam’s body changes at a cellular level for Reign to take over, and it would be the same for the other two, so how was Julia able to use Purity’s powers when she took control back of her body? It seems like the writers are creating these rules and breaking them just because they can, while they should be exploring the rules they’ve created and finding other ways around them for this story to come to a conclusion.

With Reign three times as powerful after absorbing Purity and Pestilence’s powers, it’s clear she’s the “blight” of the future that Mon-El, Imra, and Brainy came back from the future to stop. As things are, Supergirl and her team won’t be able to stop Reign, so it’s going to take a major shift. My personal theory involves the Kryptonian valley where Sam, Grace, and Julia were all trapped while their villainous sides had control. Sam is technically a Worldkiller, and if the only way to stop one is for another to do so, it seems likely that Sam is the only way they’ll be able to stop Reign and save the planet. By trapping Reign and Sam in this valley, we could see the two sides of this person battle, and perhaps Sam will succeed in stopping Reign and the problem will be solved. Whatever the case, I believe Sam is the key to stopping Reign. As we’ve seen, Ruby is blamed because she gives Sam more strength to fight this other entity inside of her, but it’s Sam who is fighting Reign off.


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