Supergirl Review: The Darkest Place (Season 2 Episode 7)

With Mon-El in Cadmus’ clutches, Kara risks herself to save him, but she is saved by an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, James is framed for murder when another vigilante rises in National City.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7, “The Darkest Place,” took each of the characters to their darkest places, especially J’onn. Now his life is at risk, as well as his livelihood. Receiving M’gann’s white martian blood is turning him into what he hates most.

The last green martian is slowly fading away as M’gann’s blood works through J’onn’s system. He’s becoming what he hates most, which will truly destroy him. He survived losing his family, but would he be able to survive losing himself? It doesn’t seem like he has a choice, since there’s no way to work out the blood from his body.

Poor Alex. Rejected by the woman that helped her realize her sexuality and gave her the strength to come out to Kara. That’s a tough one to get over, but many of us have been there.

Can Alex and Maggie be friends? Unlikely. They both clearly have feelings for each other, Alex is just too fresh out of the closet to be at the same place Maggie is in her life. It takes a long time to work up the courage and bravery to be yourself without hiding any aspect of that, and Maggie may be at that point, but Alex is not.

Alex hasn’t even come out to anyone else besides Kara, so the idea that Maggie would enter the closet, even halfway, again is unrealistic and could really damage her self-confidence and respect.

It’s great to see Kara being so supportive, but could we expected anything less? Kara is an alien, who is she to judge? And her feelings have always been placed above Alex’s, so the fact that Kara finally has to put herself second is interesting to watch for both sisters because it’s unknown terrain.

Jeremiah being alive will put a damper on both of their stories, because now they know that he’s survived, and he seemed to be himself even after 15 years. Is he really? Probably not. 15 years of being held hostage and probably forced to conduct and receive experiments would take a toll.

Also, Mon-El needs to back off my girl Kara. She doesn’t need a frat boy; Mon-El doesn’t know how to behave around women, and clearly doesn’t know how to respect them from the way he treated James’ assistant.

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This is the season of Kara Danvers, and if she can’t be with James (who is actually human), then why would she be paired with Mon-El when he encourages her to embrace her alien side more? Season 1 established Supergirl, Season 2 is about growing Kara Danvers as a reporter, a person, and a sister.

Plus, Mon-El just isn’t good enough for her. The way he spoke to her about her being selfish was true, but completely out of line. He did it to damage her, not to show her that how she was behaving wasn’t correct.

What is Project Medusa, and why is it so important to Cadmus? Why did they steal Kara’s blood just to access the Fortress of Solitude?

There are so many unanswered questions, but theories are always welcome. The next episode is the crossover extravaganza, so expect less growth for the stories that Supergirl is regularly exploring. Kara is busy being called to save another Earth.

Supergirl continues Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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