Supergirl Review: Changing (Season 2 Episode 6)

This next step in the stories of Kara, Mon-El, Alex, and James were taken, but some had consequences that are going to haunt them in the coming weeks.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6, “Changing,” informed the direction of where each of our characters are going, except for Winn of course. He just can’t catch a break, or a story that doesn’t involve a love triangle or his murderer father.

Kara: I’ll get the alien. You get the girl.

How many hearts broke over Alex Danvers?

Her story has been incredible this season, and beyond realistic. The emotional state of her being is only helping Chyler Leigh shine even more.

Maggie turning her down must’ve been heartbreaking, though. Alex realized this because of her, but as someone with personal experience, I understand Maggie’s disposition.

Being with someone who is freshly out of the closet, or someone just coming to terms with their sexuality can be hard. They aren’t comfortable yet in public, and for many it feels like a step backwards from self-acceptance, and even a step into the closet sometimes.

Everyone works so hard to get out, and be open, but it takes years to develop the discipline and confidence to be open with anyone, especially in public.

So while it’s hard for Alex, it’s also hard for Maggie because let’s be real, we all know she’s crushing hard on this Danvers sister.

Kara, however, disappoints. Her original reaction to Alex coming out was sad and unexpected; she’s an alien, she should be able to understand this better than anyone else, especially because she wouldn’t want anyone else to look at her differently for being an alien.

She makes up for it in the final scene between the sisters, though, as Alex breaks over coming out and being rejected. It happens to the best of us, honey. The fact that matters is you’re out, and you are free to be yourself.

Alex: I’m so humiliated.
Kara: I’m proud of you.

(Bravo to Chyler Leigh, really. My heart hurts for Alex.)

Still, the fact that Kara even behaved like that happened is so out of character for her. And her relationship with Mon-El is perhaps even worse than we could’ve imagined.

Mon-El: You’re no saint, Kara Zor-El. You fly around rescuing people, like you’re just pure of heart, but that is crap. You love the attention, you love people loving you. You are not selfless.

Unfortunately, I’m agreement with Mon-El.

Kara Danvers is my second favorite superhero of all time, but what she’s doing with Mon-El is selfish. She was sent to Earth to protect Clark, but wasn’t able to, so in order to make herself feel better she’s “helping” Mon-El turn into a replica of her and her cousin.

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Her need to help people stems from her childhood and what her parents and family stood for. She was born knowing she needed to help people, but Mon-El was not.

Not every alien needs to save the day, and Mon-El is just too trashy most of the time to be a hero. His Daxamite past and characteristics outdo every great thing he does. Hopefully he can pull himself together, but it’s likely he won’t be able to and Cadmus will use his feelings against Kara as he’s been captured.

Supergirl continues Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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