Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 Preview: President Lynda Carter!

Now that Cat Grant and Clark Kent have both temporarily departed and Mon-El awakened just in time to attempt to strangle Kara, the DEO is back to one superhero as the search for Project Cadmus heats up amidst their national call for war against aliens.

Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) is coming to Supergirl as the female President of the United States on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 3 and she’s not happy with the DEO’s behavior.

Neither is Project Cadmus who must regroup in the midst of their defeat, but for how long? Kara clearly wasn’t strong enough to take on their alien experiments herself, if it hadn’t been for Clark she probably would’ve died and it is physically painful to write that about one of the best heroes on television.

Maggie Sawyer is arriving, a famous (gay) DC hero that will hopefully spark up a romance with Alex, though that remains to be seen. In the trailer, Alex does seem to be intrigued by Maggie, so fingers crossed, y’all.

The biggest issue of this episode is Mon-El (Chris Wood). Now that he’s awakened from his coma and violent, he’s a threat inside the DEO and it remains to be seen whether he stays that way or if he’s arrived to help Kara.

With him around, if he’s a good guy, there’s extra help against Project Cadmus, which Kara and Clark will definitely need. They couldn’t stop two of the relatively new creations together, they needed Alex and J’onn, so maybe an extra alien will even the playing field.

For now, he’s a crazed, probably confused alien on a new planet after years floating through space and time like Kara did in the Phantom Zone. Is he from Krypton? Did he escape when Kara and Kal did, or before? So many questions.

Supergirl continues Monday at 8/7c on The CW! Watch the trailer below!

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