Supergirl Review: Nevertheless, She Persisted (Season 2 Episode 22)

Supergirl Season 2 wrapped up most of its loose ends as Queen Rhea of Daxam was defeated, but not how you’d expect. Meanwhile, someone gets engaged, while another couple is separated… forever.

On the final episode — Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22, “Nevertheless, She Persisted” — Supergirl takes on Rhea in single-hand combat, an ancient custom first provoked during the war between Krypton and Daxam. While battling, at L Corp, Lena and Lillian were joined by Winn to create the invention that rid the planet of Daxamites once and for all.

Rhea and Clark

Well, silver kryptonite, that’s a new concept. Whereas green affects and weakens Kryptonians, silver gives the holder the power to make Kryptonians see whatever they’d like, and even the ability to control their mind. Instead of Kara, Clark saw General Zod, his most powerful enemy, which now makes his “random” attack on Kara more understandable.

Why didn’t Rhea use the silver kryptonite on Kara though? Sure, it would’ve been easy for her to do so, but it would’ve been an easy way out for Rhea. We know Rhea didn’t use it because it would’ve been too easy for the story, but maybe it could be explained somehow else. Maybe Rhea needed to defeat Kara to show her people she’s still a strong leader, and still worthy to be their Queen, even after letting her world be destroyed by Krypton. Using Clark against Kara is the ultimate power move; he’s her family, whether they’re as close as Alex and Kara or not, and it’s another move by her enemy to turn her family against her. Non used Alex, Rhea used Clark. It’s a plot that’s overdone, but it holds the same impact.

Rhea’s death came easy. Kara didn’t have to kill her, which prevented her from becoming a killer again. Supergirl can’t be a killer. Instead, using Lena’s device to inject lead into the atmosphere to prevent Daxamites from being able to breathe / thrive on Earth, Rhea’s death was inevitable. Her people left her; Mon-El left her to die. After what she did to her husband, it’s an easy death for her. She should’ve been taken out by Mon-El as justice for his father, but that would’ve made him a killer too, and Kara wouldn’t be with a killer, no matter the circumstances.

Cat Grant

Cat’s obsession with Clark Kent is strange, yet wholesome, and it just adds to her off-screen rivalry with Lois Lane. If they ever introduced Lois on the series, which they better not unless they plan to bring back Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), a scene between Lois and Cat is a must.

Cat: Oh, those big green eyes…I promise you when he takes off those glasses he is a tiger in bed.
Kara: [under her breath] Oh God, I hope Rhea kills me.

“Go get ’em, Supergirl.” How long has Cat known? Has she ever not known? After “finding out” in Season 1, until Hank helped Kara cover her tracks, was Ms. Grant ever really fooled? Probably not. Hopefully not. It makes everything Cat has done so much better. Her advice to Kara, both as Supergirl and as the reporter Kara Danvers, means more than it did before.

This episode saw much less of Cat, but her effect remains the same. She’s Supergirl’s source of strength, and she’s more of a motherly figure than Kara has had. Sure, Eliza is a great mother and does so much for Kara, but she’s always babied her. Cat calls her out, treats her like a human being (sometimes less, unfortunately), and shows Kara what it’s really like in the world. Cat doesn’t hold back for anyone, under any pressure. As seen by her calling Rhea out for her “trying too hard” tiara, when she knew Rhea could destroy her in a minute.

Kara’s Journey

Kara’s journey in Season 2 isn’t my favorite, or anyone’s really, but it really shows how much she’s grown. She defeated Clark in battle, she is the “Champion of Earth.” If Season 1 Kara could see herself now, she wouldn’t have ever lost hope. It has come with its fair share of heartbreak, but Kara defeated her biggest enemy and saved the Earth twice. Somehow things got worse than Myriad, and now Kara has Cadmus to worry about.

Lillian claiming responsibility for ridding the Earth of Daxamites is going to create trouble for Kara and all aliens in Season 3. After being invaded by threatening aliens, and faced with destruction and being overtaken, more people are going to side with Cadmus and understand the stance Lillian Luthor has taken on alien refugees. More people are going to feel threatened by aliens, even the harmless ones they interact with every day, and it’s going to get very dangerous in National City.

Hopefully Supergirl will get even more political in Season 3 as they face this looming threat, and face-off against Cadmus (yet again). Many are questioning why Cadmus is sticking around for another season, but think about what Cadmus could do now that the people have memories of being invaded and scared of aliens. Rhea’s legacy lives on.


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