Supergirl Preview: Resist (Season 2 Episode 21)

The synopsis for Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 reads: “Supergirl struggles to decide whether or not to obey the president’s orders regarding Rhea’s latest actions; Cat Grant returns to National City.”
On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21, “Resist,” Supergirl and the DEO are trying to find a way to cope and respond to where the previous episode left off, with a flood of Daxamite people coming to Earth to create “New Daxam.”


New Daxam

Rhea is taking her plans to the next level, and it’s past just Kara being in her way. The remaining aliens of Daxam have come to Earth to settle there, and to create their own home on a planet that they plan to take over. With their alien technology, it’s possible, plus the people of Daxam are brutal and are willing to do whatever they need to have a home again. As we saw with Rhea.

Somehow, in the preview, she’s going to be getting Mon-El back on her side, if only because he’s sacrificing himself to save the day. However, what looks like a marriage between Mon-El and Lena is going to affect not only their relationship, but Kara and Lena’s friendship, and that’ll be interesting to see play out afterwards. Is Lena brainwashed, or is she acting of her own volition?

Rhea needs to be stopped, and if Mon-El not being able to pull the trigger in the previous episode when he had a chance to murder his mother is any foreshadowing, we may see Mon-El taking down his mother (and hopefully himself with her). 

Cat Grant

Finally, the Queen of all Media is back!

Cat: People of National City; I’ve been away for a while, but I’m back.

Is her stay for good? Unlikely, as nothing has changed regarding Calista’s reluctance to move to Vancouver and film. But we can dream right? How amazing of a return would this be? Cat Grant returning to National City to give the citizens hope, once again, as they’re faced with an imminent threat of death at the hands of their alien invaders?

Also, Kara is going to need Cat’s advice to get through this again, and her help too. Cat was always a symbol of strength for Kara, and while she’s been gone a while, that hasn’t changed. Cat is going to have to calm the people, while Supergirl takes on the villains. It looks like Supergirl may be teaming up with Lillian Luthor to stop this battle too, but it’s almost 100% positive they’ll want to take different routes.


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