Supergirl Review: The Last Children of Krypton (Season 2 Episode 2)

Cat Grant bid farewell, relationships were tested, and Winn thoroughly enjoyed his new employment by the DEO. What effect did Project Cadmus sending Metallo after Superman and Supergirl have on these characters and their journey to stopping Cadmus and saving Jeremiah Danvers?

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 broke our hearts, to say the least. Cat Grant leaving is the saddest moment of the series, and to think, had production not moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Cat Grant would still be at her company’s head and giving Kara life advice that she always needs.

Cat: Life is long, and you will be many different people before the end. And knowing you, those people will be extraordinary. Though not as extraordinary as me.

Cat Grant is half of the heart of Supergirl. Her relationship with Kara is the best the series has; without this, where is Kara going to find her motivation or unexpected plans? Her visits to Cat, as both Supergirl and Kara, gave the series its strongest moments and quotes. Without Cat Grant, Kara wouldn’t have been able to stop Myriad in the Season 1 finale.

James taking Cat’s job is laughable, but perhaps it’s just to give him a story outside of Kara and Lucy. While his best friend was in town, though, he’d hardly interacted with Clark. If they can’t even write James in with that, how will they do it without it seeming forced?

Speaking of, how long will Superman be gone? With his introduction, the writers can’t just write him off without revisiting the character, especially with the hype Clark received over the summer hiatus. If Supergirl couldn’t take on Metallo by herself, how can she take down Cadmus without Clark’s help?

Myriad was one thing, but Cadmus is a completely different kind of villain, and even Clark struggled to face Metallo and their use of kryptonite, which is going to be used heavily as it is their one weakness. As much as I love Kara Danvers, she’s still a newbie hero. Superman has been established for a decade, and he had trouble fighting the threat that threatens to wipe out all aliens, good and bad.

DEO Agent Winn Schott, Jr. is the greatest role change the writers could’ve thought of for Season 2. With Cat leaving, the focus on CatCo seems to be less important than it was in Season 1. James is promoted, but Kara is in a different department, and she’ll be searching for stories, so her time in the office won’t be as dramatic.

He now has a role in fighting crime in a larger way than Season 1. As the series began, he was Kara’s partner, but as she began her work with the DEO, that faded and he became her encouraging best friend that helped with the tech at CatCo. He finally has a purpose.

Can we talk about that epic fight scene with the two Metallos and Kara, J’onn, Clark, and Alex? Let’s just pause a moment to notice that Alex, a human, was brought into a fight with aliens and alien-powered humans. She’s just that badass.

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