Supergirl Review: Homecoming (Season 2 Episode 14)

Jeremiah Danvers returned home on ‘Supergirl’ after a mission to stop Cadmus from doing something led to his unexpected recovery. For once, all of our favorite characters were clueless and were just celebrating his return, except one: Mon-El. Yes, for one Mon-El was the brains of the episode, and let’s hope this never happens again.

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14, “Homecoming,” the revelation that Jeremiah Danvers is alive and working for Cadmus shook the team to their core. After such a deep betrayal, and the relationship strife that the suspicion created between the characters, they’re going to have a hard time ever getting back to a place where they can fully trust anyone.

“Homecoming” gained the stance of the season’s most predictable episode. It was obvious that Jeremiah wasn’t truly back and good; nothing ever works out that well, especially on a superhero show, and the unexpected nature of his rescue truly showed that. No one is ever “unexpectedly” rescued, not to mention the fact that he’s been held captive and presumed dead for 15 years.

Given that, it still managed to be a rather entertaining episode. The new relationship between Mon-El and Kara isn’t my favorite, but it’s at least interesting to watch and to root for the two to break up at any time. He was right, but Mon-El blatantly goes against what Kara asks him to do, and if it was only once that would be relatively okay, but it’s repeatedly. Where is his respect for Kara, and why doesn’t he trust her?

It wasn’t a well-hidden secret either, but Mon-El apparently isn’t who we thought he was. Thanks, Jeremiah, for that painfully obvious statement that no one cared about. He’s probably the Prince of Daxam or something; why else would he survive the inevitable destruction of the planet, and why would he be being chased by intergalactic bounty hunters? Mon-El has a lot to hide, and his relationship with Kara is just going to hurt her more when she learns the truth? Why is she being paired with a man that is just going to cause her irreversible heartbreak?

 Also, the tension between the Danvers sisters was not fun to watch. Of course Alex and Kara have to fight at some point, but before it was because of red kryptonite, and this time it was just because Alex was full of pure rage with her sister. These two are always so strong, and their bond is unbreakable, but to see someone come between them is just too hard to watch. Don’t ever split up these sisters again.

Maggie and Alex are so refreshing to watch. It’s great to see a relationship blossom that isn’t full of tension and flaws; these two truly care about each other, and they’re growing closer and closer with every episode. The ending scene, after Jeremiah’s betrayal, broke my heart, but it was great to see the bond these two have. Alex is so much happier now, because of Maggie, even after her father’s betrayal.

Overall, there are just two words: poor Eliza. She spent 15 years thinking her husband was dead, found out he was alive and he returned to her, only to be betrayed by him and left again for his new vendetta against the aliens. He may be Jeremiah, but he’s not her husband. Not anymore. He’s not the man she married; the man she married was compassionate, selfless, and he worked toward the greater good. This man is just a shell of his former self after what Cadmus put him through, and it’s likely he won’t survive the season.

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