Supergirl Review: The Martian Chronicles (Season 2 Episode 11)

While not necessarily the strongest episode, Supergirl brought interesting character growth to both J’onn and M’gann, but one character actually went backwards regarding growth.

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11, “The Martian Chronicles,” Kara was suddenly setback 10 years and fell back into the insecurity of losing anyone else, especially Alex, and dealing with her unspoken feelings for Mon-El. Meanwhile, M’gann returned to Mars.

Poor J’onn. The man has lost his family, his planet, and when (after centuries) he found someone who finally filled the empty void inside of him, she left. He overcame so much with M’gann, and even worked past the fact she’s a White Martian, only for her to leave for her inevitable death on Mars.

Miss Martian’s sure sacrifice truly speaks to her character though, as if her past didn’t. Considering the reason she became a war criminal and was hunted by her people, running from her death became a sign of shame for her. Standing up to her people for what is right, against the pain and suffering they’ve caused and their extermination of the Green Martians, somewhat makes up for that to herself, so while her death is going to cause insurmountable pain to J’onn, it’s for a good cause.

Hopefully J’onn can recover, but it’s unlikely. He’s always going to have that void inside of him, and even his relationships with Alex and Kara cannot fill that. He needs a martian; no one else can truly understand him, but given the fact the Green Martians are all but extinct, he’s on his own, and there’s no way he’s growing close to another White Martian.

Kara in this episode, however, became a character that I don’t recognize. Where is the girl from Season 1 that would never let any relationship with a man get her down? Where did her confidence go?

Granted, her lack of confidence came from a lot more than just Mon-El. It’s no surprise Kara started to feel like she was losing Alex; how many of us can say that when our best friend gets into a relationship that we don’t feel the least bit abandoned? It’s natural, especially when it’s a new relationship. Alex has always been by Kara’s side to support her, and share all of their special events together, and now that Alex has Maggie and has to divide her time with both, Kara’s starting to feel the loss of her presence.

It’s sweet, but given Kara’s past with her family on Krypton, feeling someone drifting away is especially hard when you were in space drifting away from your destructing planet. Kara never had a chance to say goodbye to anyone; her mother, father, even Astra, they all were gone before she could understand she was losing them.

Dealing with that and Alex’s absence from her “Earth birthday” would’ve been hard enough, but after Mon-El’s confession of love, Kara had to find out how she felt about him, which hit her harder than would be expected.

Why does having a relationship with Mon-El make her become a completely different character? We saw how she acted with James, even while he was with Lucy, and while she was a little desperate, she wasn’t insecure and she kept her confidence high. She still knew she was a catch, even if she wasn’t his catch.

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