Supergirl Review: We Can Be Heroes (Season 2 Episode 10)

When Livewire is kidnapped from prison, Supergirl, Mon-El, and Guardian all attempt to find her themselves, leading to some problems between these super friends.

On Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10, “We Can Be Heroes,” Kara finds out Guardian’s identity causing strife between her, James, and Winn, while Mon-El’s feelings for Kara are revealed after he almost gets a citizen killed while trying to help save her in the field. Tell me again, why is he a hero?

It’s breakup time for our “super friends,” and it’s heartbreaking.

Kara inadvertently discovered James is Guardian and Winn is his partner on the streets, and the Girl of Steel was not pleased. Should she have been?

Her reasoning for not supporting them makes sense, though it does ring slightly hypocritical. James is a human; regardless of whatever suit Winn created for him, he’s a human, and he’s fragile. In a city that runs rampant with alien combatants, running around as a vigilante without the support of the DEO or Supergirl behind him is reckless, and he’s gone beyond putting his life in danger.

Not stopping them, but not supporting them is the best they could ask for from Kara, at least for now. Obviously she’ll come around; either something will happen to James and/or Winn and she’ll decide that if they aren’t going to stop, she needs to be there to help protect them, or they’ll save her life and she’s have a newfound appreciation for them.

What makes her a bit of a hypocrite is that she too is putting her life in danger every time she goes out on the streets. Sure, she’s an alien fighting other aliens, so she does hold extra powers and advantages. Still, she risks dying every time she goes up against a challenging opponent. Not supporting James risking his life just as she risks hers is wrong.

Not the focus of the episode, but Maggie and Alex are just too cute together, and it’s so nice to see someone happy on this show. The two making bets, and betting that they have to come over to the other’s place and do different things is just a little cute anecdote showing how happy they are together. Unfortunately, Alex lost the bet and had to go to Maggie’s and eat vegan ice cream, but according to this tweet, maybe that’s not what we all thought…

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Meanwhile, Mon-El’s story is just growing old. He and Kara haven’t even gotten into a relationship yet, and they’re already annoying together. They just don’t fit together as a couple, and more importantly, let the damn Danvers girl be single and not attached to some man. She spent all of Season 1 pining over James, and that took up the majority of her time and attention other than when she was being Supergirl. Let the girl live and experience life as a happy, single girl, and not have her happiness tied to anything other than her friends and career.

James called Kara out on her allowing Mon-El to be a hero just because of his powers when he lacks the dedication and commitment it takes, which, like, rightfully so. James has more of the qualities of a hero than Mon-El; just because he has powers doesn’t mean he’s fit to save the day. This frat boy only looks out for himself and his self-interests in general. He’s not cut out to be a hero, and he never will be. Mon-El’s nature is so self-centered that he clearly is only looking out for himself (and for Kara because of his feelings for her).

Many have doubted whether Mon-El is who he says he is, and the facts keep stacking against him. Considering he’s being hunted, it’s likely the theory that Mon-El is actually the Prince of Daxam is correct. He doesn’t seem to have a nature for looking out for anyone other than himself, so he would’ve made sure the Prince was safe if that scenario had actually worked how he told Kara it did.

Another possibility is that Mon-El is who he says he was, but he stole the Kryptonian ship that was supposed to safe the Prince, and that’s why he’s being hunted. Because he committed treason.

Whatever the case, Mon-El definitely isn’t fit to be a hero, and here’s hoping that Kara and the DEO come to that conclusion soon.

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