Why ‘Supergirl’ Needs to Revisit Lucy Lane

After Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW, Lucy Lane went from fully fledged co-leader of the DEO to nonexistent, and her name hasn’t really been mentioned since. Where did she go?

Supergirl unexpectedly dropped Lucy Lane from their lineup of characters after the production move to Vancouver—which probably is due to Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s family being in Los Angeles and reluctance to leave, just like Calista Flockhart—but, really, no explanation for why Lucy suddenly wasn’t helping J’onn run the DEO? Several characters made such an enormous deal about needing a human leader to keep an eye on the alien leader, yet that was inexplicably dropped, too? It’s time to revisit Lucy Lane.

Lucy’s Career

Lucy’s career was such a huge part of the first season and we saw her leave the military to join CatCo as Cat Grant’s advisor, leave CatCo to re-join the military, and eventually she was named co-leader of the Department of Extra-normal Operations alongside J’onn J’onnz. Lucy grew with each step from just James Olsen’s love interest to an intelligent, badass, and resourceful leading lady of her own, and it’s clear they were moving toward Lucy becoming Superwoman (and maybe even a potential spin-off). Yet, when Supergirl returned with Season 2, there wasn’t even a mention of Lucy, like she had never existed in this universe.

Her Relationships

Even though Kara and Lucy were still at odds over James, they were beginning to become friends, and their partnership during one of the final episodes of Season 1 proved this as Lucy was willing to risk everything to help Kara with a task. Assuming they were going down the path to giving Lucy the powers to become Superwoman, this friendship was only going to grow from there and blossom into one of the best on television in general. Plus, this could have created so many stories for Kara, Lucy, and even have given way to having Clark and Lois appear.

However, Lucy’s relationship with James desperately needed to be mended, especially since the writers chose not to pursue the relationship after Season 2 began. Not that Lucy should go back to the man who was having an emotional affair during their relationship, but James and Lucy had a special connection that could have perhaps worked once he wasn’t as interested in Kara anymore.

How Could She Fit In?

Much has changed since Lucy’s last appearance on Supergirl, but she could still fit in if the writers could ever remember her name. With James, especially, and he could finally have something to do again if Lucy reappeared, but we could also find out what she’s been doing and why she decided not to take the job at the DEO. Heading the organization would have been a big step up for Lucy as she was always under her father’s command, so it’s implausible to believe she willingly stepped down, especially just to leave National City over her heartbreak from James. If Lucy returned, I’d also love to see the Superwoman story play out because the show desperately needs more female superheroes helping Kara. Jenna Dewan-Tatum is too talented of an actress for anyone else to play Lucy Lane nearly as well as she did, so recasting is not an option, either. Supergirl is strayed further and further from the feminist series it was during Season 1, and bringing back the female characters (at least that the actresses are willing to come back to play) is a step toward remembering what Supergirl used to stand for.


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