Supergirl Review: The Adventures of Supergirl (Season 2 Episode 1)

Picking up where the Season 1 finale left Kara and friends, the pod crashes into Earth and reveals another hidden Kryptonian man. How did he get here? How did he survive Krypton’s destruction? Was he also sent when Kara was? All of this is overshadowed by Clark Kent’s arrival in National City.

After all of the progress Kara made to establish herself as Supergirl and as a worthy hero and equal to Superman, his arrival in National City threatens all of that without even trying. In this world, he’s been a hero for many, many years already, so he’s the hero everyone has to thank. Somehow everyone’s already forgotten that Supergirl just saved the world when Superman couldn’t?

Kara: Last year was all about figuring out how to be Supergirl. Now it’s time for me to figure out how to be Kara.

I’ve been very skeptical about Superman arriving on Supergirl this season, and this episode did nothing to lessen that. He seemed to the star of Kara’s show; everyone’s more interested in him than her, despite what they say. Tyler Hoechlin’s gorgeousness doesn’t do anything to lessen that either, because he’s literally one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood, and that Superman outfit fits him so well.


Kara Danvers is one of the best characters on television. Despite her adorable goofiness, she can still save the day and be the strict, commanding hero the world needs. But let’s not forget the most important part of her character: the goofiness.

Kara: This has always been here? With the glass, and the views, and you made me fly to that cave everyday?

Hank: The DEO has several facilities, Kara.

Kara: A bat bit me in the last one!

Winn basically hitting on Clark gives me hope that he’s the one among the four DCTV series that Greg Berlanti teased would be working out their sexuality. He does look fantastic, Winn, thanks for noticing from all of us.

Even Cat Grant, the boss ass bitch of the show, acts like a fangirl when in the presence of Clark Kent. Not even Superman. CLARK KENT. She doesn’t even bother to call Kara her real name anymore after that time in the finale, because why would there be progress made? At least she hasn’t lost her wit in the transfer to The CW.

Cat: What would I possibly have in common with a bunch of rich people in a rocket ship seeking existential answers to their meaningless lives?

Kara does have a lot to learn from Clark, though. He’s managed to stay hidden yet save the world, keep his love, work, and hero life balanced, and he’s still Clark Kent working as the Daily Planet and Superman saving the day. He’s had years of experience learning to balance these tasks, and granted she’s only been doing this for a year or so, Kara’s biggest issue is learning balance. Especially when it comes to her and James.

Gratefully, Winn finally has a purpose, too. Hopefully his interest in Kara romantically has completely faded now, and with him working at the DEO, he can finally help save the day and use his tech skills for someone other than Cat Grant. This shift probably has more to do with Cat Grant’s downgrade to recurring regular this season, as the production move to Vancouver from Los Angeles was a breaking point in Calista Flockhart’s contract.

Cat: She cries more than Halle Berry at awards shows.

Is Lex Luthor the big bad of this season, other than Project Cadmus? With Lena trying to rebuild her family’s company to no avail, and after several attempts to kill her from maximum-security prison, Lex is maintaining his role as a terrible, awful villain. What is his history with Clark in this world, and what exactly did he do to lead to this point? We’re missing so much of the story because Clark has been around for such a long time.

Personally, I think Clark is going to end up dying by Lex’s hand. Superman has died in the comics, and in the event of his death, Kara would have to take down Lex which took Clark years to do, and this would finally establish her as a hero in her own right amid Superman’s years of experience.

Cat: You have integrity to right wrongs and to see justice done. You inspire me, Kara. I can see the hero within you.

The disappearance of Cat Grant as a series regular on Supergirl is the worst part of the show’s move to The CW. How is Kara going to continue on without receiving her motivational speech from Cat every week to inspire her to make the right move and save the day/save her personal life?

Supergirl continues Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Watch the trailer for “The Last Children of Krypton” here!

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