Supergirl to CW Could Mean Goodbye to Calista Flockhart

The good news: Supergirl was renewed for a second season, meaning more of our favorite heroine on television this fall.

The bad news: Supergirl was renewed at The CW not CBS, meaning production will change from Los Angeles to Vancouver, something series regular, Calista Flockhart, was adamant against when signing onto the show.

Talks between the studio and Calista Flockhart are ongoing as to whether she’ll be returning to Supergirl come fall, but things aren’t looking good.

Flockhart was reportedly adamant when signing onto the show that filming be in Los Angeles, but with switching networks comes a budget cut, and Supergirl can’t afford to shoot anywhere outside of Vancouver, where the majority of The CW’s shows are filmed.

Could the show go on without Cat Grant? Of course it can. Should it? No.

Cat Grant was the breakout role of Season 1, the shining lights in the show’s weaker moments, and she had probably one of the best lines ever written for television.

Cat: The four of you standing there, you look like the attractive, yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.

So, basically, Cat Grant can see the future, too.

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Ms. Grant was Kara’s boss at CatCo Worldwide Media, the iconic reporter who built her legacy from the ground up with a grudge against Lois Lane. She was horrible to Kara at times, not even bothering to call her the right name until Kara was promoted in the season finale.

But Cat is one of the strongest women on this show that is all about strong women and losing her would take away a powerful figure from Kara’s life. One that is irreplaceable.

No doubt Calista Flockhart brings her experience and killer acting skills to make the character more than just a bitchy boss; we saw her grow from bitchy boss into an actual person who could befriend Kara and has helped Kara grow exponentially as her alter-ego.

Losing Cat means losing one of the most influential people in Kara’s journey so far as Supergirl, the amazing banter, and the comedic relief that she so often provided.

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Everyone wants to see more of Kara’s journey, but how drastically would it change without the fierce, independent woman that Kara channeled into her own personality?

I hope that Flockhart agrees to film in Vancouver, but things aren’t looking good.

Fingers crossed, y’all.

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