Supergirl Chooses Their Man of Steel And It’s Quite Unexpected

With news that the Man of Steel will be involved in Supergirl‘s second season, fans anxiously awaited the next Chosen One who will play the famous hero.

And the casting news has been revealed: Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf will be playing Kara’s cousin.

While Hoechlin resembles the figure of Superman from the comics, will he be a good fit for the role?

Kara is a clumsy, comical hero, figuring her way through the human world while finding her identity as both hero and citizen. Clark Kent is still mostly unknown, at least in his Supergirl origins, which could be a good thing for the show. Here’s hoping they won’t make him quite as dark and brooding as Hoechlin’s Derek Hale, or The CW Arrow‘s Oliver Queen.

The tone of Supergirl has always been fresh and upbeat, which is an outstanding layer to the show. Whereas other superhero shows aim to be dark and gritty, it’s refreshing to see Kara being dorky and silly, yet still embracing her badass super side.

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What does the inclusion of the Man of Steel mean for Kara?

By adding such an iconic hero to their lineup, they risk overshadowing Kara and her story. Season 2 will have viewers focused less on Benoit’s portrayal than they will criticize or praise Hoechlin’s portrayal of a man that has been portrayed many, many times.

There’s still no news about Calista Flockhart’s reprisal of Cat Grant in Season 2 as production moves from Los Angeles to Vancouver, given the shift of networks for the show.

Personally, I hope Superman won’t play a big role in Supergirl. It will be nice to put a face to the mysterious shadow-y figure that helped Kara several times in Season 1, but the family element is already captured nicely between Kara and Alex, Clark just isn’t necessary to include as a regular.

In addition, it adds to the point made by Kara and Cat Grant in Season 1: if Superman is around to save the day in National City, how will the citizens learn to trust and rely on Kara?

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Superman has already established himself in this universe, which means the world bows at his feet (mostly) and would much rather have him around than Supergirl.

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