‘Supergirl’ Needs More of the Friendship Between James and Winn

Though the pair originally started out as frenemies on Supergirl, Winn and James have grown close, especially over the last two seasons.

Their friendship seems to be the one part of their lives that is “normal,” or whatever anyone with an alien as a friend can call normal. As Winn dealt with the death of his father and arrival of his mother on Season 3 Episode 14, James clearly helped him through it, and it just shows how far their friendship has come, even though we’ve seen so little of it.

James and Winn’s Bromance

Thankfully, any sort of romantic entanglement between James, Kara and Winn ended after Season 1, which brought about the chance for Winn and James to bond and truly become friends. It’s arguable that James is even closer to Winn now than Clark/Superman, and the writers had James boast that friendship with every possible chance, so that’s saying a lot.

Throughout season 2, we saw the duo grow closer, but mostly off-screen. Sure, we saw a few scenes of Winn and James (as Guardian) out on the streets of National City pursuing vigilantism in their spare time from their demanding day jobs, but their relationship has never been a focal point for either character’s appearances. In fact, James and Winn aren’t often utilized anymore—at least not how they were during the series’ freshman run—which has cut down on any time they’ve had to grow close, bond or fight crime. Winn is the ingenious tech guy with a new invention every time the DEO needs one, and James is Lena’s new love interest (and sometimes the head of CatCo.)

Neither has much to do, and that is why the Winn-centric episode highlighted how close the duo have grown during their off-screen bonding time. Their relationship has blossomed into something special, quite like Lena and Kara’s friendship did, and it’s something we need to see more of as the show is so fond of proving that familial ties are more than just blood, so another set of (often seen) best friends would fit right in.


Kara, Winn, and James are all still friends, but it’d be interesting to see how the trio would do now that Kara isn’t the center of the triangle. She was the only reason James and Winn ever interacted at CatCo, but now she isn’t necessary to keep the two close, so how would she handle that? Would it drive her closer to Lena, or would she try to rekindle her friendships with James and especially Winn, considering he was supposedly her best friend before Lena came to town?

Or, if we were to see this bromance in full bloom, maybe we could see more of their vigilantism on the streets of National City. Part of what made Supergirl Season 1 so outstanding was her time wasn’t fully devoted to the DEO and their crime fighting, but she’d go to CatCo and fight “normal” crime with James and Winn in an empty office. Guardian would be easy to intertwine with Supergirl’s story, and they could face several villains together, so focusing more on James and Winn’s friendship wouldn’t distract from Supergirl, it would add to it.


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