‘Supergirl’: Why James and Lena Don’t Work as a Couple and Never Will

James and Lena united, romantically, on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 9. Which could have come as a surprise to fans of the series that aren’t engaged on social media, since there was little build up for this relationship.

In a desperate attempt to give James and Lena any story outside of being Kara’s friends, the Supergirl writers have pushed together the pair as a couple, but it just does not work, and there’s many reasons why.

Separate from Kara

Let’s be real, the main reason this pairing was ever thought of was to make distance between Kara and Lena, and distance between Kara and James for the fans wanting those pairings to ignite a spark. Especially for the distance between Kara and Lena. SuperCorp has become, probably, the biggest ‘ship on the show with it being one of the top Tumblr couples. Fans are very passionate about this pairing, and the writers are aware of this passion and are trying to put out the fire, but like putting water on a grease fire, it’s only gotten bigger with this failed attempt.

As for separating James from Kara, this has been attempted since the beginning of Season 2 as the writers decided to retcon the entirety of Season 1 and the build-up of James and Kara’s relationship in favor of Mon-El. There wasn’t a real reason for this relationship to just die, other than the writers deciding the two were both just too perfect to be together, and on The CW, that’s unacceptable. The writers couldn’t even come up with a story to separate them, other than Kara “deciding to focus on figuring out who Kara Danvers is,” yet she was in a relationship with Mon-El just a few episodes later.

The distance for James began as he became Kara’s boss and the relationship fizzled, which just made their interactions unbearably awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Without a real reason, there’s always going to be fans hanging on for these two to end up together and explore the chemistry between them, and this relationship with Lena is just another attempt to drive Kara and James further apart. After all, what girl is going to date her “best friend’s” ex-boyfriend when James and Lena eventually break up?

The Real Problem

James and Lena being coupled has nothing to do with the characters, but with the writing of these characters. It’s a poor attempt to keep them away from Kara, to try to kill the supporters of both couples, and just a poor attempt at creating a relationship in general. There’s never been any chemistry between the two, and the relationship lacks any foundation to earn their status as a couple.

Sure, James and Lena are going to be in relationships with other people at some point, but this couple should have never come to be. There’s no chemistry between the actors whatsoever, and James Olsen has never been a fan of Lena Luthor as he said himself in Season 2. If the writers are going to pair these characters off with other people, bring back Lucy Lane for James and get a new person for Lena to be with that Katie McGrath shares a bit of chemistry with. A good relationship will get supporters, even though they will still hold out hope for SuperCorp or whatever couple they’d like to be together. The problem is that this isn’t a good relationship and can never be.


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What do you think? Should James and Lena end things now? Are you looking forward to seeing them together? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “‘Supergirl’: Why James and Lena Don’t Work as a Couple and Never Will

  1. yep. they realised they missed James last season from the relationship carousel so decided to fix that this season and looked at what they had for characters….’nope, nope, nope, OH Lena!…she’ll do’

    1. I don’t think Lena and James work at all….now Lena and Kara, well that’s a whole different ball game and one i’d like to see develope. After all you did us out of Alex and Maggie.,….time to listen to the people that watch!

  2. They should absolutely break up ASAP while they are in this “we haven’t put a label on it” phase. Tally up all the negative things James said about Lena in Season 2 and add to it the fact he was totally willing to believe she was responsible for the lead poisoning incident, and you have to question why anyone would think they should be a couple other than physical attractiveness. The only ideas worse that James & Lena as a couple are those of turning Lena evil and having Kara in a relationship with a married man.

  3. It’s the worst, they’re unbearable to watch. I’d rate them at once ifthe worst positions I’ve ever seen. I liked James with Lucy though, they were cute together and actually had chemistry. The relationship with Lena just seems forced and uncomfortable.

  4. It is quite possibly the SINGULAR reason I can’t enjoy Supergirl right now, between the writing as well as the less than professional commentary from the actor towards the show’s fan base. The writing staff needs to take a moratorium on most if not all romances in the show due to their inability to make a compelling pairing. The hypocrisy of James is too damaging for the character to continue without a major change, whether he be arrested for vigilante actions or the enormous lack of credentials for an Acting CEO. Either way, he no longer has a viable purpose on the show unless he gets behind a camera again

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