Why to Be Thankful for Supergirl After the 2016 Election Results

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Yep, you read that write. A man accused of rape, by a double digit amount of women, and is going on trial for the rape of a 13-year-old girl and fraud for Trump University in the next months is the face of our nation. How do we cope?

In an attempt to mask the grief, disgust, and disappointment, I wandered into a world where society wasn’t put back 70 years. Supergirl Season 2 is that world.

As we’ve seen in the five episodes of the current week, Supergirl has begun to tackle immigration rights through their alien amnesty act, has brought attention to the racial prejudices through J’onn and James, and has a new character coming to terms with their sexuality.

Kara: What about you and me?
J’onn: What about us? We can look like them. We blend in. A lot of aliens can’t. People in this world don’t have much tolerance for others that look different. I say that as an alien and someone who’s worn the face of a black man for 15 years.

This better world isn’t tormented by the election of a racist, homophobic President and a Vice President who believes in conversion therapy through electroshock for LGBT people.

Kara is fighting the good fight; had she been in this universe, she would have voted for Hillary Clinton. She may be an alien, such as I am a member of the LGBT community, but she’s not using violence or her power to get her wish. Aliens are just as oppressed in her world as many minorities are in ours.

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In this world, we can hope for everything that we want in our own society, and there’s hope to see it. Realistically, we’re faced with at least 4-8 years before we can get our country back on track, if we can. Who knows what kind of damage a Trump presidency can inflict upon the world, not just the American people.

So, thank you Supergirl, for giving us a world to escape into as our own becomes to harmful, dangerous, and disturbing for words to accurately describe. Keep up the good fight to bring to light the current issues of the world through the lens of alien rights.

Supergirl continues Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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