Supergirl Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Human for a Day

After her disastrous battle with Red Tornado, and the broken glass in Ms. Grant’s office, Kara is powerless and vulnerable. Not only can she cut herself, she’s susceptible to the common cold, the most dreadful human experience. 

Dealing with her powerlessness is amplified when a crisis strikes National City: a deadly earthquake that knocks the power out and leaves many dead and injured, including Supergirl herself. James saved her from a car, yet broke her arm. I bet that was worse than the cold, wasn’t it, Kara?


Many are dealing with the tragedy in different ways: Maxwell Lord is instilling panic and fear, throwing Supergirl under the bus as soon as he can for her absence, Cat Grant is her normal, power-hungry, journalist self, while Kara and James wander the town, unable to help, but teaching Kara a valuable lesson. Winn, meanwhile, is stuck at work, personally helping Cat set up a live feed to counter Lord’s.

If you had told me in the pilot episode that I would grow fond of Cat Grant, I’d have:

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But seven episodes later, I have. Kara, still powerless, must watch a man die after a car accident and Maxwell Lord, the doctor, is unable to help him as he bleeds out. But when a man breaks into a grocery store, James gives some advice to the hero: to be a hero without her powers. Thus begins a montage of Cat and Supergirl’s inspired speeches, to inspire the citizens: Kara, singlehandedly talks a man with a gun down, even though she isn’t bulletproof, while Cat provides hope to the citizens. She encourages them to channel their inner Supergirl, or at least what she stands for, and to be their own heroes, even inspiring the hero herself.

And the speech caused our adorable sidekick Winn shed a tear or two..


James and Kara’s relationship grows stronger while Lucy is out of town, because every relationship built out of cheating is a great way to start one, and Winn walks in at a tender moment between them, drifting him further from Kara for being that kind of girl. When an explosion happens a few floors up, it’s up to Team Supergirl, minus the superpowers. James starts to climb the elevator shaft, and successfully saves the employees, yet another explosion causes him to lose his footing, and he tumbles down the shaft. Though never fret, Kara saves the day, James’ fall kicking in a Kryptonian adrenaline rush to restore her powers.

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Supergirl returns, personally thanking Cat Grant for the inspiration and her heroics, and saves a bus from tipping off of a broken interstate, getting the most adorable smile out of Kara.


But her fun is cut short when her aunt Astra, and her henchman, kidnap her for another revenge plot.

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